FR4 180x120mm Single Side Copper Clad Laminate PCB Circuit Board CCL


Panel Size: Approx.180mm x 120mm or 7.09" x 4.73" (inch)

Thickness: 0.06" ±0.005 (1.5mm ± 0.15)

Weight: Approx.58g

Layers: Single Side

Panel: FR4

Operating temperature: Up to 140 °C or 285°F


This Single PCB Copper Clad Laminate Board is made of copper foil by the hot-pressing technology.

steel-wool, Restore4, Tarn-X, roscherite, Zap or similar before using.

After that be sure to rinse and dry so without any water spots.

Combined resin with reinforced material.

As basic material of PCB production.

Package included:

1 x Single Side Copper Clad Laminate