Body size: 5cm * 5cm * 1.5cm

Application area: 1m³

Battery capacity: 250mah

Machine net weight: 30g

Rated power: 1W

Principle of sterilization: ozone

Applicable temperature: -10 ° ~ 50 ° C

Main material: ABS

Working current: 25ma

Duration of use: 15 hours

Charging method: USB

Product accessories: Sterilizer

Number of negative ions released: 1000W / cm³

Color: Light purple, pink , black


- It can be carried anywhere anytime, and people of all ages can easily wear it.


The high concentration of clean negative ions keeps you in the

purification range at any time and breathes safely, which is equivalent

to carrying a mobile forest with you.

- High efficiency and energy

saving, 35 hours of standby on a single charge, and a cubic meter of

negative ion concentration reaching 10 million.

- USB charging, ordinary mobile phone data cable can also be universal, convenient for timely charging.

Package included:

1 x Air Purifier Necklace

1 x Lanyard

1 x USB Cable