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Upper Cover Aluminum RD6006PW With WiFi Board


All Iron Material Case RD6006P No WiFi Board


All Iron Material Case RD6006PW With WiFi Board


Upper Cover Aluminum RD6006P No WiFi Board

Note before buying:

1. RD6006P series has two versions: RD6006P and RD6006P-W, RD6006P-W has WIFI board , RD6006P doesn't have . RD6006P-W can use WIFI board to connect APP, also use USB micro cable to connect PC solftware . RD6006P doesn't have WIFI board, only supports PC software by connecting with USB micro cable, no support APP. For wifi board to connect PC software, now it did not support.

Note: WiFi connection is a test function, due to poor compatibility computers, if you cannot connect PC software via WiFi, please ignore this function. For this function, we do not provide any guarantee and technical support,  and we will decide whether to keep this function based on customer feedback.

2. For PC software, it only supports win 7 and above for now. For APP, it only support android 5.0 and above. for APP and PC software,because there may be  incompatibilities problems,please download first before buying , if you can download and install, you can make order, or else stop buying.If you don't test the PC software and APP function before buying and find that the products works fine except the PC software or APP, we refuse to refund.

3. For input AC-DC switch power supply, we recommend 400W 65V switch power supply (S400 case leave fix hole size for this version)