Support for multiple voltage DC output when 5V input 

Size: about 48*25mm (length*width)

Output current: 2~20mA (if you want to add current, please put insurance below the transformer replaced the 0-ohm resistor, maximum 50mA, but does not recommend increased.)

When the input voltage is 5V, the output voltage can be adjusted in 280~1200V.

When the input voltage is 6~12V, the output voltage can be adjusted in 400~1200V.


1. The capacitor can be charged, but charging speed is somewhat slow.

2. As the module power output module, it is not possible for the sensor.

3. Corresponding products description: this module is used on security products, stability is fairly good.

4. This module with AC output, the output about AC 75V, but can't be adjusted.

Product test pattern:

New products output are generally stable, of course, if you test the output voltage is unstable, you can add a limiting current resistor for testing, usually this problem does not occur.

Package included:

1 X High voltage DC-DC boost converter