Top quality copper material, melting point up to 1083.

Good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

150Pcs solid copper sump plug washer set.

All contained in a compact and see through compartmented plastic case.

Great for sump plugs, water, fuel and hydraulic fittings.

A sump plug washer set to suit all types of engines be it Car, Marine, Generators, Machinery and Plant.10 x M5*9*1  

Package Included:

10 x M6*10*1  

10 x M6*12*1  

10 x M8*12*1  

10 x M10*14*1  

10 x M10*16*1  

10 x M10x18x1  

10 x M12*16*1  

10 x M12*18*1.5  

10 x M14*18*1  

10 x M14*20*1.5  

10 x M16*22*1.5  

10 x M18*24*1.5  

10 x M20*26*1.5  

10 x M22*28*1.5