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Sleek and modern designed air purifiers with reusable and washable filters

HEPA fiberglass filters need to be replaced repeatedly which can easily cost hundreds of dollars per year and hurt our planet. Airdog Purifiers use washable, non-consumable collecting plates and filters. 

Protect our planet and breathe better air, purchase reusable products. 

TPA Technology - Active Filtration

Airdog patented TPA technology is an active filtration technology, which uses about 30,000 voltages inside the unit to kill 99.99% of all the bacteria, mold, and viruses that it takes in, and then collects them on easy-to-wash collecting plates. It doesn't rely on disposable (HEPA) filters that hurt the environment.

How TPA Works

Catalyst Filter: 

Removes unpleasant odors 


Collecting Plate:

Charged particles stick to the collecting plates to remove dangerous toxins from the air. 


Ionic Field:

Annihilates bacteria and germs. Charged particles are destroyed


Wire Frame:

Creates an Electro Field that zaps dangerous particles 


Pre-filter Screen:

Air flows from the bottom and into the pre-filter screen to collect hair, pet dander, etc. 

  • Smoke

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses

  • Pollutants

  • Pollen & Dust

  • Pet dander

  • Odor

  • Formaldehyde

Smart Control

With our Auto Mode button, you can allow Airdog to run 24/7 all by itself! Auto Mode automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the pollution levels that the AQI (Air Quality Index) is reading. 

The air we breathe matters most - our health and wellbeing depend on it! According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 13 people suffer from asthma and over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. Airdog collaborated with a group of expert engineers in Silicon Valley to protect you from the dangerous particles that pollute our indoor air every day and cause disease.

Dimensions 20.5" x 10.2" x 10.2" 25.6" x 12.4" x 12" 30" x 15" x 15"
Weight 11 lbs 23.6 lbs 43.4 lbs
Washable solution with
CADR (CFM) Clean Air Delivery Rate 120 200 500
Noise dB(A) <60 <63 <63
Ozone (ppb) (Standard: 50ppb) <10 <10 <10
Energy Consumption (W) 27 60 110
Suggested Space (square feet) 215 sq.ft 400 sq.ft 1000 sq.ft
Filter recyclable