16 Port KVM Switch 16 Port HDMI KVM Switch 16 Port Computer Switch for 16 Computers Monitor Switch for 16 Computers USB KVM Switch 16 Computers 16 Port KVM Switch HDMI KVM Switch 16 Port Rackmount KVM
Installation Step
1. Turn off all devices and unplug all the cables;
2. Plug DC5V 2A power adapter into KVM switch and AC socket;
3. Plug HDMI cables, USB cables into KVM switch and your computers;
4. Plug HDMI cable into KVM switch and your monitor;
5. Plug mouse into mouse slot of KVM switch, plug keyboard into keyboard slot of KVM switch;
6. Plug other USB 2.0 peripheral device into KVM switch if needed;
7. Plug wired remote push button switch into KVM switch if needed;
8. Turn on KVM switch;
9. Turn on computers.
USB connection: 16
Monitor max resolution: 4K x 2K @30Hz
Scan interval: 8-999 seconds
Power consumption: DC5V 3.2W
Properties: housing metal
Package: 1 * 16 Port KVM switch + 1 * DC 5V 2A Power adapter + 16 * HDMI Cable + 16 * USB cables + 1 * User manual + 1 wire remote push button
Warm Tips:
If your devices without HDMI port, please purchase reliable converter with chip. The quality of converter may affect the function of KVM switch.