Original Lamp For CANON REALiS SX6000, REALiS WX6000, XEED WUX5000, REALiS WUX4000, REALiS WUX5000, XEED SX6000, XEED WUX4000, XEED WX6000 Projector

Original Manufacturers Lamp (OEM)

The lamp supplied by the original projector manufacturer, identical to the one installed in the original projector. It gives the best performance in terms of brightness, life, etc. and is supported by a 90-day manufacturer's warranty.


  • Manufacturer: CANON
  • MPN: RS-LP07 / RS-LP06 / 5017B001AA / 4965B001
  • Lamp Hours: 3000 hours
  • Lamp Wattage: 330 watts
  • Lamp Type: NSH
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 90 days