OverviewBoost your security, productivity, and connectivity with this Thunderbolt 4 dock. It protects your network and devices from the moment you log in, supports multi-OS compatibility, and can support up to four 4K displays. Ideal for ITDMs and hybrid workers, this dock also makes home or office device management easy. What's in the box? Dock, power supply, power cord, warrantyDisclaimers Backward compatible with USB-C® alt mode, ports will work at USB-C® alt mode speeds which are dependent on host specifications. For USB-C® alt mode functionality, host PC must support Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4.

HP Sure Start on HP Thunderbolt G4 dock supports firmware integrity verification and recovery it does not include real-time and runtime protections or Microsoft SCCM integration typically found on HP Sure Start in HP notebooks. For USB-C® alt mode functionality, host PC must support the DisplayPort Alt mode protocol through its USB-C® port. Charging and port replication is supported on notebooks that have implemented USB-C® Alt Mode industry specifications. Power button to turn on or wake the system, Wake-on LAN from warm and cold dock, Wake-on LAN from S4/S5, and MAC Address Pass-Through S0, S3, S4, S5 warm and cold dock features only function on HP or HP supported notebooks.

HP does not provide ethernet and audio drivers on Mac PCs. Requires infrastructure to support 2.5G b ethernet speeds. Windows Management Instrumentation installation required. Requires Windows 10 or higher. 100% outer box/corrugate cushion packaging made from sustainably sourced certified and recycled fibers. Fiber cushions made from 100% recycled wood fiber and organic material. Any plastic cushions are made from >90% recycled plastic. Excludes plastic bags and plastic foam sheeting. Recycling facilities not available in all locations. Based on HP internal testing on select non-HP notebook models compatible with USB-C® industry standards.

For HP notebook compatibility please visit - https: //pcb. inc. hp. com/webapp/#! /us-en and search by notebook. Certain Alt mode features are not supported, such as power button, MAC Address Pass-Through, Wake-on LAN, and OOB Wake on LAN. Visit the HP Support page to determine your HP notebooks wattage and port specifications. Visit the support page of your non-HP notebook to determine its wattage and port specifications. Comes with Power Cord.