?? An 8-megapixel Sony image sensor for Ultra HD video communication, with exceptional image clarity and color reproduction.
?? Built-in LED light to capture materials clearly, even in low-light environments. Broad 'Plug and Play' compatibility with video-conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams - across Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.
?? Versatile multi-jointed arm to shoot from any angle/height needed, and to transition between doc cam and webcam use.
?? Ultra HD video (up to 30 fps at 3264 x 2448p) ensures detailed and clear display of the presented materials.
?? PageStay is ready for use right out of the box — just open it, place your book under a document camera, turn to the page you wish to show, insert the flipped pages into PageStay’s clip and voila! The book pages will stay firmly opened throughout your lesson for large-screen projection. Oh, not forgetting to mention, PageStay works for both sides of your book too!