Looking for a way to freshen up your living space? Humidifier with Oils are your best bet. Whether you want to breathe easier or simply just want to make your guests feel more welcome with some aroma scents, Its the most effective way to get there. Spend your leisure time like reading, yoga, exercising while breathing the clean and fragrant air.

How to figure out whether you need a Humidifier?

There are 3 situations can tell you that you need a Humidifier.

You live in a dry or arid climate.
You want to increase the moisture levels in your homes air.
You have frequent nosebleeds or sinuses issues, or your respiratory system is aggravated by dry air.


3 Mist Levels & two nozzle
Efficiently delivers a comfortable environment in your home with an ideal humidity between 40% and 60%, catering for different applications like bedroom,, study, or office, perfect for those suffering from colds, allergies and dry skin

The top fill cool mist humidifier provides constant moisture all night per filling, for up to 50 hours at low mist level and even 8 hours of high mist in the driest autumn and winter days

Safe & Easy
The cool mist humidifier will automatically turn off after 8 hours; protective nano coating on the internal structure keeps it from dust and rust for a longer service time

Package included:
1 x humidifier
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual