Blue Light Blocking Test

Step 1: Put ELEBOOT blue light glasses on the blue light test card

Step 2: Using the blue light torch, beam the ELEBOOT blue light test card and our ELEBOOT glasses directly.

Step 3: We can see that one part of the testing area directly beamed by blue light has turned blue, and the other part shaded by ELEBOOT glasses has not turned blue.

This proves, wearing our blue light filter glasses from ELEBOOT will reduce the harmful blue light and help in reducing the risk of developing eye-related problems.

Alleviate eye fatigue

Long time exposure to blue light would lead to digital eye fatigue.More concatenate on tasks at hand. ELEBOOT anti blue light eyeglasses will help to eliminate digital eye strain and increase your focus.

Minimized headache

ELEBOOT will supercharge your health by blocking detrimental blue light,Protect yours eyes from daily life, minimized the headache caused by blue-ray and enjoy your digital time.

Improve sleep quality

Wearing ELEBOOT blue light blocking glasses can fall asleep easier and get a better night's sleep. You'll feel more alert during the day, resulting in better performance at work or leisure!