Dreo 24-inch Oscillating Tower Space Heater
Perfect gift idea for small to large space (100-270 sq. ft)
To help battle freezing cold seasons, our team is committed to bringing people instant, noiseless warmth while ensuring ultimate safety. We built this portable heater to provide you warmth like sunshine on chilly days.

This 24'' space heater delivers powerful heat at 10 ft/s, along with its wide-angle 70° oscillation, to give your room fast, even and widespread warmth. Enjoy ultra-quiet heating from Dreo ObliqueAirflow technology and hassle-free use ensured by its multiple safety protection.

2S instant heating
10 ft/s far-reaching heat
70° oscillation for evenly warmth
Quiet ObliqueAirflow techonology (40dB)
Energy-saving ECO mode
1-12h timer (in 1h increments)
41-95°F thermostat (in 1°F increments)
Auto off after 24h without operation

Dreo is a sustainable lifestyle.
Our team is committed to helping people enjoy home lives in a fun and sustainable way. Every day we put customers at the core of everything and seek to create value for people's lives by harnessing the latest smart home technologies in the most unexpected ways.

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V0 Flame-Retardant Materials
Tip-over Switch
Overheat Protection
Anti-bending prongs

Quick Heating Space Heater for Indoor Use- Easy to Operate and Warms Everywhere

Convenient Remote Control
Fully control various settings at your fingertips from up to 26 feet away. Included wireless remote control allows you to warm the room up without getting out of your bed.

Digital LED Screen
Thanks to its titled LED screen and panel design, this heater is easy to reach and operate. Tap the timer button and select a time (1-12 hours) to ease sleep anxiety when heating at night.

Easy to Move Around
The hidden carry handle at the back helps you carry around wherever you want to warm up from your bedroom, living room, basement to office.

Tip-Over Protection
When tilting 45 degrees off the ground or being knocked over by pets, the space heater shuts down automatically, with its alarm going off to alert you to an unexpected event.

Adjustable Thermostat
The digital thermostat, from 41 to 95? in 1? increments, enables you to have precise control of the temperature in the room. Long press the plus and minus buttons for faster temperature adjustment.

Secure Plug
Reinforced structure prevents the plug from deformation, bending, overheating, and short circuits. Built in V0-rated flame-retardant materials, this space heater provides ultimate safety for your heating.

(Note: Please plug directly into a wall outlet.)

Why Choose Dreo 24” Tower Space Heater?

Whole-Room Warmth:
With 10ft/s velocity, our 24-inch tower heater can heat a larger room while reaching a higher temperature. 70° widespread oscillation helps to evenly heat every corner of your room.

Instant Warmth:
Powerful 1500W PTC ceramic heating allows this space heater to heat up quickly in 2 seconds, 2500 rpm motor helps quickly transfer and spread heat. Just a stretch time enjoys the change from cold to warm.

For your safety:
With V0 flame-retardant materials, overheat and tip-over protection, 24h auto off, 12H timer this ETL-listed ceramic heater is safe for your use at any time. The plug is enhanced to prevent deformation during use, ensuring your worry-free use all day.

Additional Features:
Smart Memory: Remember last settings
Power Auto Off: 24 hours without operation
Display Auto Off: 60s without operation

Warm Tips:
1. Please use a wall socket instead of a power strip during use.
2. Do not use or store where it may get wet. This heater is not intended for use in bathrooms, laundry areas, etc.
3. No light will be emitted when the machine is running.