Designed and rigorously tested for compatibility with W790 workstation motherboards. Each memory module undergoes thorough testing for voltage, temperature resistance, and signal integrity.
PLEASE NOTE: This RAM is specifically designed for workstation use and is exclusively compatible with W790 workstation motherboards. It is not suitable for use with regular desktop PCs or laptops.

This product supports the ECC function, effectively detecting and correcting data errors to ensure reliable performance. Furthermore, it includes a built-in thermal sensor that monitors temperatures to prevent overheating, thereby enhancing memory reliability. The operating temperature range for this product is 0 to 85°C.

Every v-color Memory module is meticulously crafted using meticulously audited DRAM chips of the highest quality. These modules are constructed with premium 10-layer PCBs, ensuring exceptional durability and top-tier performance. Additionally, each module undergoes extensive laboratory testing to ensure unparalleled performance. For your peace of mind, our memory modules are supported by a Limited Lifetime warranty, a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.