Including a local transmitter and a remote receiver, the StarTech ST122UTPAL extender allows you to send a VGA video signal, as well as the accompanying audio, over Cat5 (or better) cabling to four monitors (two local, two remote) up to 300m (950ft) away, at resolutions up to 1920x1080. This is great for retail establishments, tradeshows, or point-of-sale applications. A unique control dial lets you toggle displays connected to the receiver on and off, and adjust the audio volume. The control wheel can also be used to help fine tune your signal by offering RGB (Red, Green, Blue) SKEW calibration, as well as control of gain and brightness. So you'll have the power to customize for the optimal picture quality.

Cost-Effective Solution

The Cat5 extension design allows you to make use of an existing Cat 5 or better wiring infrastructure; no specialized wiring is required.

Superior Picture Quality

Supports 1920x1080 resolution for sharp, crisp images.

Custom Control

The control wheel on the receiver offers advanced fine tuning options, such as display signal toggle on/off, audio volume, RGB SKEW calibration, EQ, and Gain.