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The StarTech VGA Video Extender Remote Receiver ST121R is designed for use with StarTech.com ST1214T 4 Port, and ST1218T 8 Port VGA Extender transmitter units. This is a cost-effective video extension solution that allows you to split and extend the VGA signal to multiple remote displays over a standard four-pair Category 5 (or better) UTP cable. With a transmission range of up to 150 meters (500 feet), this system is great for airports, bus depots, retail stores, or large buildings.

Cost Effective Solution

Uses a standard Category 5 straight-wired, twisted-pair, network patch cable for economical and reliable data transmission.

Great Extension Range

Extends the connection distance of VGA displays by up to 500 feet (150 meters), offering flexibility in the placement of your equipment.

Mounting Flexibility

The included mounting brackets provide versatile mounting options – such as on a wall, desk, or cabinet – for a clean and manageable solution.