The StarTech  four-port VGA extender is a compact and easy-to-use solution that allows you to send a single VGA source and corresponding audio to up to four displays at up to 300m (950ft) away over standard Cat 5 or better UTP cabling. It's perfect for digital signage at retail establishments or tradeshows, or extending your display across harsh environments or industrial sites. This allows you to makes use of existing Ethernet infrastructure wiring, eliminating the hassles and costs of expensive VGA cabling. The high-resolution support 1920x1080/1080p @ 75m/250ft makes possible sharp, crisp images. It's a pure hardware design; no software or drivers are required.

This is a transmitter unit only, and requires a single receiver unit per remote display that you are connecting. The VGA extender offers the option of using the STUTPEALR receiver unit, or the STUTPRXWLA wall-plate receiver.

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Long Extension Range with Superior Picture Quality

Delivers VGA video and audio to monitors located up to 300m/950ft away @ 1280x1024/720p. Also supports maximum resolutions of up to 1920x1080/1080p @ 75m/250ft for the best possible image quality at your remote displays.

Audio Support

For a full audio/video experience.

Clean Installation

The UTPEA transmitter/broadcaster units are compatible with the STUTPRXWLA wall-plate receiver for cleaner, more professional installations.

More Expandability

For even more versatility, you also have the option to expand the amount of remote displays in your setup by adding the STUTPEA4X VGA & Audio over Cat 5 Line Splitter to your setup. It multiplies the number of potential displays by four, allowing your VGA and accompanying audio signal to be broadcast to up to a total 16 displays.