Use the StarTech ST1212T to extend and distribute a VGA signal to two displays at distances of up to 500 feet (150 meters) over a Cat5 cable. The StarTech ST1212T is a transmitter unit. It requires one receiver unit (ST121R) per display that you are connecting.

Support for cascading multiple transmitter units, and the use of VGA over Cat 5 Repeaters (ST121EXT) for additional distance, provides a scalable system for VGA distribution. You can extend the VGA signal to more displays, at a greater distance (More hardware required, and sold separately).

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Use existing Ethernet infrastructure to extend VGA video

Use the StarTech ST1212T to extend VGA video by up to 500ft (150m) via a Cat 5 cable. Cat 5 extension enables you to make use of existing Ethernet infrastructure wiring to extend VGA video. It is simple and convenient.

Plug and Play

The StarTech VID2DVIDTV offers a pure hardware design. No software or drivers required; just plug and play!

Extends signal further

The VGA over Cat 5 Repeater (ST121EXT) can be used to extend the distance between the transmitter and receiver by an additional 500 feet (150 meters), for a total extension distance of 1000 feet (300 meters). Similarly, up to three repeater units can be used between the transmitter and the receiver, enabling you to connect monitors at each repeater, while still extending the total distance.