The MU1MMRCA 1-foot 3.5mm audio to RCA audio cable offers a cost-effective solution for connecting a portable audio device such as an iPod or other MP3 player) to a stereo receiver/amplifier. This versatile cable can also be used to connect a computer sound card to an audio device that accepts RCA audio input.

The cable features a 3.5mm audio (male) connector, which splits off into two RCA (phono) audio male connectors, providing high quality stereo sound.

3.5mm to 2X RCA Stereo Cable

With 1x 3.5mm Male connection to 2x RCA Male connectors, the StarTech MU1MMRCA is designed to connect your portable audio device or computer sound output to your stereo entertainment system. So you can increase the volume and share your music or audio presentation with others.

Color-coded connectors for easy installation

This cable is constructed with high quality materials and color-coded connectors to ensure high quality stereo sound.