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Predicting the workload for your IT department is difficult. Especially when high-touch projects like new application roll outs, hardware installations, or server room relocations complicate day-to-day operations. During high-touch projects, IT resources are stretched thin and workloads are exhausted. That's bad for morale and worse for the company's bottom line.

Keep your IT full-speed ahead.

Leverage high-availability expertise. Remote and on-site.

We partner with Tech Data services for a suite of offerings designed to offset excessive IT workload. With resources available in prevailing technologies, leverage Tech Data Services to execute your next IT project.

Keep your IT full-speed ahead.

If you need help with a simple rack-and-stack, or a comprehensive audit of wireless coverage at the office, Tech Data Services has professionals in your area ready to get IT done.

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Refresh: Decommission old equipment; unpack & install new technology.
Wireless: State-of-the-art onsite mapping for optimal wireless connectivity.
Moves: Project management for Install-Move-Add-Change operations.
Forklift: Large-scale heavy lifting.