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Discover affordable quality cleaning and washroom solutions, featuring Scott®, Kleenex®, KleenGuard™, Cottonelle®, WypAll® and Kimtech™ products. Browse from a selection of paper towels, toilet papers, specialty wipes, dispensers and more. You're not only getting a great deal on an exceptional product line; you're providing the best in workplace hygiene when you need it most.

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Cleaning Solutions for Every Workplace Setting

Restroom and Hygiene

Restroom and Hygiene Products Kleenex Scott Cottonelle
  • Reliable cost-efficient restroom solutions
  • Hand paper towels, toilet paper, dispensers and facial tissues
  • Best for small and medium businesses and high-traffic restrooms


Breakroom Scott Kleenex
  • For simple touchfree hand drying solutions in the breakroom
  • Scott®and Kleenex® branded multifold, hard roll and
    center pull towels compatible with touchfree dispensers
  • Best for retail, office or high-traffic area

On-the-Go Cleaning

On-the-Go Cleaning
  • Featuring the #1 brand in all-purpose disposable wipers
  • Strong and durable wipers ideal for cleaning smooth and glass surfaces
  • Best for portable on-the go cleaning

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment
  • Stylish, comfortable performance glasses built for lasting protection
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for optical requirements and impact protection
  • Available with a range of features that maximize productivity
    and safety for your employees

How to Help Improve Hygiene
and Safety During School Reopenings

How to Help Improve Hygiene and Safety During School Reopenings
    COVID-19 may have turned our world upside down, but the best way to stay safe is to be prepared. Two fundamental steps are more critical than ever: washing and drying hands and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Read more to learn about the changes you'll need to make to your routine.

Four Ways to Implement
a Hygienic Return to the Office

Four Ways to Implement a Hygienic Return to the Office
    Working from home may have its benefits (who needs pants in a Zoom meeting, anyway?), but going back into the office may be inevitable. Here are a few tips to properly plan your company's transition back to working together, and ways to keep the process as stress-free and mentally healthy as possible.

Improve office productivity without sacrificing safety and comfort.

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