NeweggBusiness Marketplace Seller FAQ

When Do I Get Paid For My Orders?

Merchants are paid every Wednesday on a Net 30 term from invoice date for all orders that shipped in the NeweggBusiness system. Funds are deposited directly into your specified account via ACH transfers. Payment details will be e-mailed to you weekly as well. You can also access each settlement under your Seller Portal Account.

What Products Can I Sell On NeweggBusiness?

Categories now include:

  • Accessories
  • Appliances
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Bags & Luggage
  • Books
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Camera & Photo
  • Cell Phone Accessories
  • Computer Hardware
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Home Living
  • Home Improvement
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Software
  • Unlocked Cell Phones

If you would like to request a specific category not listed above please e-mail:

Are there any restrictions on what I can or cannot sell on NeweggBusiness?

You can visit complete content policy here.

What is "Shipped by Newegg"

Shipped by Newegg (SBN) provides warehousing and transportation logistics services for products you sell on NeweggBusiness Marketplace. You can ship your products to Newegg for warehousing and shipping directly to customers when they are ordered. Please see our Shipped by Newegg page for additional information.

Why Am I Not Receiving Payments For My Recent Orders?

Below are several reasons why you may not be receiving payment:

  • The account holder name on your bank records may be incorrect, please double check in the Seller Portal.
  • Your W-9 form may have a problem (please check if there is a signature on the W-9 form and that all information listed on the W-9 form matches the information listed under your main contact information in your Seller Portal).
  • The bank account information may be incorrect or outdated. Please double check this information and update any new bank account to process your ACH Payments.
  • Lastly, payments are issued to sellers who accumulated at least $25 or more in sales. Payment will be held until your sales reach this threshold.

Do I Receive Payment Settlements?

We will e-mail you a statement every time we pay you. You also have access to download statements by logging in to the Seller Portal. Follow these directions:

  • On the navigation bar, click on “Report” and then on “Payment Reports”.
  • Click on “Settlements” and then click on the “View Transactions” link for the settlement you desire to review.
  • The Transaction Detail tab will display. From this tab, click on the “Export All” button on the bottom left corner. You will be prompted to save the file. Once saved, you can open the file to review your payments in Excel®.

Are Sellers Responsible For Collecting Sales Tax?

No, NeweggBusiness is the Merchant of Record so we will be collecting sales tax on all orders. We only collect Sales Tax for California, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Washington, and New Jersey since we have a physical presence in these states.

What If A Customer Contacts Me With A Question Regarding Sales Tax?

Please advise the customer to contact our support team by e-mailing: We will be glad to address all questions and concerns.

My Seller Account Status Is Showing Inactive, How Do I Get It Activated?

Your seller account may be inactive because it was recently created. As part of our quality assurance procedure, we ask sellers to begin the process by uploading product under their Seller Portal. Once a few products have been uploaded, we will review your listings and help correct any potential mishaps in the process. This quality assurance procedure has effectively helped many sellers start off on the right foot, and help produce more sales. Once you have created your items, they will appear as disabled until your seller account has been activated. Our Category Manager will verify your items and then activate your account so that you can begin selling in our Marketplace platform. If you should happen to have any questions, you may contact our support team at:

What Is The Difference Between A Courtesy Refund And An RMA Refund?

A Courtesy Refund is used when you want to issue a partial refund back to our customer. An RMA refund is used when you are requiring our customer to return the merchandise back to you. Please see our RMA Processing Guide in the help section located on the top right side of our Seller Portal for more information.

Please Note: A Courtesy Refund does not refund commission NeweggBusiness has collected back to a you and it does not refund Sales Tax (if applicable) back to our customer. Full RMA refunds accepted by a you as a Seller will result in a refund of the commission NeweggBusiness has collected back to you.

How Soon Must I Ship An Order After It Has Been Placed?

NeweggBusiness is known for our speedy order processing and shipping–we ship 100% of our orders within 72 business hours. As a condition of selling on NeweggBusiness, our marketplace sellers are expected to ship products within five (5) business days of order confirmation.

Who Do I Contact If I Have A Question Or Issue Regarding Data Feeds And Integration?

Our Data Feeds Team can assist you via e-mail at:

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding Seller Account Activation, Product Promotions, And Any Seller Account Concerns?

You may contact your respective category manager with your concern. If you are uncertain who to contact, please e-mail:

Can I Get Fraud Protection?

Yes, if the Seller follows all the appropriate NeweggBusiness guidelines, which are listed in the Merchant Agreement.

Will There Be Promotional Opportunities For Marketplace Sellers?

Yes. Our promotional vehicles will have opportunities available to help Sellers drive sales, provided they meet our criteria. Our Merchant Services team will be working closely with our Sellers to schedule and identify the best products for our customers.