Global Sellers

Reach United States Business Buyers in NeweggBusiness Marketplace

Sell your products in the United States through the NeweggBusiness Global Seller Program

The NeweggBusiness Global Seller Program offers a complete e-commerce and marketing system to help you reach out to the United States business market.

Full Service Program Rate
Low commission per transaction 12%
Credit Card Fraud Protection Services (included) 0
Credit card transaction fees (included) 0
Monthly management fee (included) 0
Cost to add products to the Web site (included) 0
Professional e-commerce management guidance (included) 0
Newegg logistics services (Shipped by Newegg) Lowest rates
Product Page Enhancements $30-$60 per item

The following will be required for Global sellers to enroll:

  • Seller's business operations are outside the 50 United States (sellers based in the US should apply as a US Domestic Seller).
  • Valid business license from the area where your business is located.
  • Certification of company liability insurance and product insurance.
  • Completed and signed W-8BEN-E form.
  • Bank information for international wire transfer. Bank information must align with the business license and merchant invoices.
  • A US address for receiving and processing RMA returns.
  • PayPal account (optional).
  • Acknowledge and agree to NeweggBusiness Marketplace Terms and Conditions.
For additional information, please contact the NeweggBusiness Global Seller Program account management team at

Global Seller Program Benefits

As a partner with NeweggBusiness, your business will enjoy the following benefits:

    • Targeting over 150K business customers.
    • Discounted commission rate of 12% per transaction.
    • No slotting or monthly fees.
    • No online credit card transaction fees.
    • Marketing of your products through e-mail, promotions, and much more.
    • Let NeweggBusiness' expertise grow your business:
          • NeweggBusiness' experienced category managers oversee the marketing and merchandising of your products.
          • NeweggBusiness' Customer Service department manages all customer service inquiries.
          • The Shipped by Newegg (SBN) option provides value-added logistics to ensure your products are warehoused securely and shipped quickly to buyers.
          • Sales proceeds, net of commissions, are quickly sent to your company by your chosen means.


    Right for Global Sellers Seeking Business Customers

    NeweggBusiness is dedicated to serving business customers with institutional purchasing needs. We understand these customers and have created powerful account management tools, business-friendly shipping options, Net 30 credit lines, e-procurement integration, quotes and purchase order processing, and a dedicated team of account executives to support customers throughout the purchasing process. These in conjunction with our seasoned team of e-commerce professionals mean a great experience that keeps bringing business customers back.


The NeweggBusiness Global Seller Program Advantage

The NeweggBusiness Global Seller Program has been designed to enable manufacturers and other businesses from around the globe to reach the business market in the United States. Our marketplace will put your products on the latest e-commerce platform and help you comply with US regulations. In addition, your business can take advantage of Shipped by Newegg (SBN) to vastly simplify logistics and ensure your fulfillment is fast and accurate, meeting the expectations of US business customers.