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Account Executive Engin Yoruk specializes in assisting small businesses procure the equipment they need to compete against large scale industry players. He’s been with NeweggBusiness since spring of last year, but hit the ground running in a big way: Engin won recognition as our top sales achiever for four consecutive quarters. “He is an invaluable resource for his clients,” says Allen Dukes, Sales Manager for the SMB team. “This is why they return to him for all of their IT projects—and he’s willing to share all his discoveries and innovations because he wants to see everyone succeed.” We caught up with Engin to learn more about his approach to SMB IT procurement.

Smart Buyer: Briefly describe your day-in and day-out here at NeweggBusiness?

Engin Yoruk: Turn on my Outlook and start answering the e-mails, then making calls to the clients that need attention. Follow up with the quotes from the previous day. The most important part is closing the sales and moving on to the next one. I spend the end of my day identifying opportunities to provide additional value to clients — contacting them about inventory we’ve received that they might need.

Tell me about a time you’ve gone above & beyond your call of duty to assist a customer?

I always try to go beyond for all my customers, but recently I placed an order for direct shipment from Dell for 200 white keyboards that someone needed. Usually our virtual fulfillment team handles requests like this, but since it was urgent, I reached out to the manufacturer and got the information that we needed for sourcing the equipment. I learned that this reduced the turnaround time for the order and helped the customer out of a jam.

Looking at your desk, you’re quite the collector. What is your most prized collectible?

As of right now, I have the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Metallic Dumbo Funko Pop. This release was limited to 480 pieces created.


What is your favorite family tradition?

Travel. Me, my wife and my 3-year-old son love taking trips. So far, my favorite trip is Sea World in San Diego. My son loves Shamu and the sharks.

What is your secret (or not-so secret) superpower?

I could say I am really detail-oriented. I made mostly A’s in school, and my classmates would copy my homework — sometimes for a fee! (laughs) In my studies at Istanbul University and UC-Santa Barbara, I was very diligent when researching and finding information. Success pretty much followed in this regard.

Can you share a trick or life-hack that makes you great at what you do?

Dedication to customers. That’s my motivator and I allow it to energize me in my work. At the end of the day, their satisfaction is my joy.

Adam Lovinus

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