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Real talk.  Newegg vs NeweggBusiness? What is the difference? What’s the point of having two sites? What does having a NeweggBusiness account offer that you can’t get with your account at the flagship site?

Every day I listen to account executives explain questions like these to curious customers over the phone. In fact, I recommend calling over here for a more eloquent telling of why NeweggBusiness exists and what we do here.

Why? It is the professionals you reach on the phone that differentiate NeweggBusiness most of all. If your computer is serious business, like, literally, it’s your job, it’s nice to be able to call someone that knows about your work. That’s us—that is why we’re here.

Even if you’re not buying technology for a business or a school or a government agency, we will kindly transfer you appropriately after a quick break-down of the e-commerce and IT procurement scene.

But …

That’s when NeweggBusiness comes through in the clutch. We’re here to help you own the IT procurement process.

If you’re still wondering what a NeweggBusiness account can do for you, AMA in the comments.

There are other things I can get into right here, too.

We have account tools to make pretty dashboards tracking IT spend, and you can earn money for IT purchasing with NeweggBusiness Rewards.

Maybe someday the thrill of shopping online for computer stuff will wear off. No problem, we got you. You can add an assistant as a separate sub-account user and delegate like a boss.

For now, if you’re weighing the reputation of hard drive brands, or waffling about whether you should buy cheap toner, stop and free your mind. NeweggBusiness subscription tools (located on the product pages) automate reoccurring purchases for you so you can think about stuff that actually matters.

Stuff like VR headsets, gaming chairs, and curved monitors—for spreadsheets. Really long spreadsheets. In 3D.

Newegg vs. NeweggBusiness – What’s the Difference?
Article Name
Newegg vs. NeweggBusiness – What’s the Difference?
Real talk. Newegg vs NeweggBusiness? What is the difference? What’s the point of having two sites? What does having a NeweggBusiness account offer that you can’t get with your account at the flagship site? Read on for a quick, buzzword free explainer of e-commerce and IT procurement game.
Newegg Business Smart Buyer
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A tech writer and Raspberry Pi enthusiast from Orange County, California.

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  • I’m finding problems with this arrangement because of my ordering set up. I work in a store on a university campus. We special order items for thousands of professors, students and staff who are using university funding accounts, not their own money. The system we have now is through a web portal and they send us requests from whatever site they want us to order from. I have a account set up to use for work, with tax exemption, the whole nine yards. I have an order that just came in that the customer put together using Guess what? The part numbers for products he wants from aren’t all coming up with items on Ooh, I get to assign a grade like I saw in school! “Needs Improvement” 😉

    • Adam Lovinus says:

      Hi Josh, it sounds like you’re using a punch-out catalog for e-procurement. We can put NeweggBusiness products into your platform pronto. A higher ed specialist can get you set up with what you need. We’ll be reaching out momentarily.

  • SamG says:

    What if I am just a typical consumer? Am I eligible to buy single items off Newegg business?

    • Adam Lovinus says:

      NeweggBusiness is designed for organizational purchasing. However, you may take advantage of our courtesy guest checkout for a one time purchase. After that you are required to register an account wherein you’ll verify your business information.

  • christopher mays says:

    is there and actual discount on products if so what might that be and how is it done case by case or is it a flat discount i seen quote area so i sent one out but didnt see any difference in fact my personal account is cheaper per item hands down.

  • Joseph Waters says:

    The subscription tools link is dead

  • Ryan Elphicke says:

    This week, I bought this POE tester at NeweggBusiness:

    However, I was unable to find that product on
    (If you think that that’s a error, please tell Newegg management.)

    Is the product selection on the two websites intended to be identical?

  • Kurt Smith says:

    Hi, I am looking to start a PC building business, as an up and coming business owner, how does NeweggBusiness account benefit me?
    Do I need to have a company registration to be able to create a NeweggBusiness account?
    I have purchased and create about 4 builds from Newegg alone but currently most of the items are out of stock (shipped to Qatar), how can i over come this?

  • Kurt Smith says:

    Hi Adam, Yes I am based in Qatar.

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