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Microsoft probably never imagined Excel art would be popular when they first developed the spreadsheet program. But bored data analysts and artists eventually decided to get creative with it to astonishing effect. Considering that our editor loses his patience trying to make Excel perform basic functions, this art is all the more impressive.

The Legend of VLOOKUP Zelda


Artist: Reddit user /u/Taclite

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From a Reddit /r/gaming thread we have this nostalgic scene of Link from the famous Legend of Zelda series of video games. What is the secret to such creative Excel art? It seems to be working as telephone support at a large IT company, according to the artist.

Nintendo characters are Excel art Mona Lisas


Artist: Imgur user michelleasaurr

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Not just one, but several pieces of Excel art have been created by Imgur user michelleasaurr. From old Nintendo classics such as Donkey Kong to new classics such as Pokemon—and even one Nyan cat. If only these fine examples of Excel art were playable.

A playable Excel art RPG!


Creator: Cary Walkin

Play Arena.Xlsm

Speaking of playable, Arena.Xlsm is a full game run entirely in Excel. Made by Cary Walkin, an accountant from Toronto, Arena plays like a classic top-down arena-style game from the Atari 2600 days. To play this amazing Excel art, download the .xlsm file from the official site.

Autoshape Ansel Adams


Artist: Tatsuo Horiuchi

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Instead of treating each cell as a pixel, 74-year old Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi goes about making art in Excel with the Autoshape feature. According to Spoon & Tomago, the reason he went with Excel was because it was the most inexpensive option compared to full-fledged image editors. For aspiring artists, we offer download versions of Excel 2013.

Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo… Hoguemr


Artist: Reddit user /u/hoguemr

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Using the power of magic and VBA, Reddit user hoguemr created this animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Excel art. For those that grew up with the original 1980s cartoon, this may still be better than the Michael Bay movie adaptation.

Grumpy Cat has no time for your pivot tables


Artist: Imgur user Tremorized

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It was only a matter of time until the world-famous Grumpy cat was made into Excel art. Now if only it was animated, then it would be truly awesome.

Star Wars Ep. VIII: Return of the Autoshape


Artist: shukei

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Autoshapes return with this Star Wars themed Excel art by DeviantArt user Shukei. In fact, he walks us through the entire process of making the piece with a YouTube video. Wedge Antilles would be proud to have the iconic Rebellion fighter remade in Excel.


Have you ever tried your hand at making artwork in the world’s most widely used spreadsheet tool? If so, feel free to share your Excel art in the comments section below.

7 Awesome Works of Excel Art - HardBoiled
Article Name
7 Awesome Works of Excel Art - HardBoiled
Excel was designed for many different tasks, but art probably wasn't one of them. Check out this awesome Excel art.
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