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Business and technology are moving fast and NeweggBusiness℠ is here to help you keep up with security, networking, mobile demands, data management, and other changes across the field of business IT. We’ve introduced HardBoiled to provide the ongoing intelligence that will help make IT simple for your organization, despite the complexities all these changes bring.

Our readers and customers may wonder why we are hardboiled here at the official NeweggBusiness intelligence resource. To start with, we are determined, serious, and tenacious about real solutions for current and upcoming business IT issues. As a leading supplier of technology to businesses, government agencies, healthcare, educational institutions, and system integrators, we persistently ferret out suppliers globally to uncover the most efficacious solutions to current and anticipated technical needs.

That effort across NeweggBusiness and affiliated Newegg organizations reveals upcoming technologies, how they work, and why they are a step forward. Being in on the forefront of these emerging solutions positions us to assess them and tell you what we have found. It also means we get feedback on early implementations; when they go right and when they go wrong.

Among the trends we are watching develop, we anticipate that the growing complexity of technology will be accompanied by simplifications to implementation and usability. They’ll do more with less need of our attention to set up and maintain them. Just plug them in and turn them on. HardBoiled will continue to acknowledge and analyze these advances in a plainspoken manner.

This brings us to another part of how we came about the name. Technology and its application must be down-to-earth. As a hardboiled resource, we are pragmatic. We’ll make sure the intelligence we provide is realistic and sensible.  After all, newfangled technical solutions are susceptible to theories and presumptions that may eventually prove to fail in application.

We’ll dig for the details across business IT fields and distill them into matter-of-fact disclosures. These will come through news items, technology reviews and explanations, easy-to-understand infographics, professional reviews, and even the experiences of customers.

An important part of technology intelligence is cost effectiveness. While we are well known for having some of the best technology pricing on the planet, solutions still have to make business-sense. HardBoiled will help with that too. We’ll provide guidance for making product selections that satisfy needs without the excesses of unnecessary features that can drag down the budget. In combination with our awareness of high-value products and upcoming releases from reliable manufacturers, you’ll be armed with the best intelligence for your purchasing decisions.

NeweggBusiness welcomes you to our official IT intelligence resource. Whether it is the latest on security, networking, mobile, private or public cloud, data management, or anything in between, look to HardBoiled for the information you need to make IT simple.

Scott Roy Smith

Author Scott Roy Smith

A visionary and creative online media product manager with extensive experience in interactive multimedia and online product strategy, design, and development. Scott has spearheaded successful products such as webinars, blogs, and recording of entire conferences for immediate webcasting and podcasting. He was instrumental in rapid Web site traffic growth and sales growth of digital products.

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