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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Office Party

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As December nears, at least one type of e-mail is certain, the invitation to join your office’s gift exchange. If you’re struggling to think of work-safe gift ideas for your closest coworkers of a randomly-chosen recipient, we have you covered. We’ve curated a batch of gifts that are sure to please whoever gets them.

Kensington Proximo Tag Bluetooth Tracker

Price: $39.58

Help your coworkers keep track of their personal property by gifting them a Bluetooth tag. Compatible with a wide variety of iOS and Android smartphones, the tags can let the owner know where the tag is located. Aside from being useful for keeping track of keys, they can also be used to trigger user-defined actions when near the connected smartphone.

WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive

Price: $59.99

A portable external hard drive makes for a safe and useful gift—particularly for a techy person. People can never have enough storage space and a portable drive doesn’t require separate cables for power and data, making them excellent for travel.

Vinaerator Wine Aerator and Stopper

Price: $15.22

While traditional holiday gift giving etiquette discourages giving alcoholic beverages as gifts, this item should be borderline acceptable. In fact, it will probably come in handy at the next office party where wine is served.

Benzara Polystone Monkey Bookends

Price: $26.30

Any IT bibliophile will appreciate this set of creepy-looking bookends for their extensive collection of product manuals and troubleshooting guides. And at seven inches tall and four inches wide, they are sure to scare away people trying to steal important reading materials. Okay—maybe this one is better for a white elephant gift exchange.

Jasco 2 Outlet USB Charging Surge Protector

Price: $19.99

What’s better than a normal surge protector? One that includes two USB charging docks. Office professionals often run out of power outlets or USB docks and getting one from IT can sometimes be a chore. There is a handy shelf to hold a charging smart phone above the floor. This gift will surely be a welcome addition to any work desk.
Chef Buddy Self-stirring Coffee Mug

Price: $19.79

Why waste precious seconds in a day stirring coffee when a cup can do it instead. The Chef Buddy self-stirring coffee mug will be a welcome office accessory for any professional with too much work on his or her plate.

Syba 18-Piece 2-in-1 Design Ratchet & Screw Driver Tool Kit

Price: $15.48

If there’s one person you want on your side in the office, it’s your resident IT technician. Be sure to get on their good side with a gift that will make their job easier, such as this 2-in-1 ratchet and screw driver tool kit. It includes the standard flat and Philips bits along with a plethora of other ones as well.

Taylor 8120 Digital Luggage Scale


Price: $14.99

Professionals that travel frequently will appreciate using this digital scale, which allows them to quickly weigh their luggage while on the road. No longer will they be surprised by overweight luggage charges when checking in to their flights.

Smartek Rotating Tie Rack with Battery-powered Light


Price: $36.99

For the fashionable boss, this rotating tie rack won’t go unremembered when it comes around to company bonuses. It holds up to 64 ties and can rotate with the press of a button. It can also hold belts just in case your boss isn’t a huge fan of ties.

Nearly Natural Cedar Bonsai Tree

Price: $61.44

This maintenance-free bonsai tree will spruce up any desk it’s put on and mellow out your stressed out coworker. The fact that it doesn’t need water will ensure that you won’t have to worry about whether or not your coworker has a green thumb.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Office - HardBoiled
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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Office - HardBoiled
Trying to think of safe-for-work holiday gifts for coworkers? We have you covered with a list of inexpensive and interesting gifts that won't get you fired.
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