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The NeweggBusiness Rewards program allows you to take advantage of frequent purchasing to earn credits on future purchases. The credits are called BizPoints, which are as good as cash when buying products on NeweggBusiness.

Buy tech products > Earn BizPoints > Apply BizPoints for discounts on future purchases.

Read on to learn how to maximize your BizPoints and get the most out of the program.

1.) Go ahead and sign up now—it is free to enroll.

This is a rare zero-risk opportunity for your business. NeweggBusiness account holders can enroll now and start earning BizPoints immediately. Note that primary account users must initiate the Rewards programs for subaccount users, and all subaccount users will generate BizPoints for their respective subaccounts.

2.) Purchase AT LEAST every year for maximum BizPoints accrual.

BizPoints expire after a calendar year from your last purchase UNLESS you add more BizPoints to your stash. Every time BizPoints are earned, the entire sum of your BizPoints is refreshed. Important note: BizPoints are considered “pending” for 30 days after date of purchase. Your previously accrued BizPoints will not expire during this 30 day pending period, but they may be unavailable depending on where in the cycle the new purchase was made.

Making continual qualifying purchases within a calendar year timeframe ensures you will not lose any accumulated BizPoints. Consider shortening the buying cycle to no longer than 90 days to ensure all accrued BizPoints are available at any given time.

3.) Look for products with Bonus BizPoints Multipliers.

On occasion, some products will offer BizPoints multipliers-  sometimes up to FIVE TIMES MORE when compared to a normal purchase.

You can identify these items by this indicator on the product information page:

4.) Level up to get more out of your purchasing.

Accounts that spend more annually will earn more BizPoints. Rewards program accounts are grouped in three tiers based on annual purchasing with NeweggBusiness. These are SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM. Every Time you move to the next tier, you will enjoy a higher rate of BizPoints accrual, as well as other benefits like free shipping, free rush order processing, and expedited RMA handling.

5.) Purchase products sold by NeweggBusiness.

It is easy to know your account’s BizPoints standing. Visit your My Account page and select Rewards. Click View Your Rewards Details to view more details- such as BizPoints available and your tier status.

Be mindful that only products sold by NeweggBusiness earn BizPoints. Items listed on by third party Marketplace sellers do not qualify for earning BizPoints. Buy NeweggBusiness products whenever possible to maximise your benefits. For an extensive overview of the NeweggBusiness Rewards program, check out the FAQ page or review our Terms and Conditions.

Any questions? You may also call our Customer Service team at (888) 482-6678, or reach out to your Account Executive to place an order. We’re here to help.

Get started earning rewards today! 

Five Tips to Max Out Your NeweggBusiness Rewards
Article Name
Five Tips to Max Out Your NeweggBusiness Rewards
With NeweggBusiness Rewards, customers can take advantage of frequent purchasing to earn credits on future purchases. Learn how to max out your BizPoints.
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