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Cyber-attacks are on the rise these days and they are especially potent on small businesses. From sensitive customer information to intellectual property, a lot of important data can be at stake when it comes to cybersecurity. The biggest thing you can do for your small business is to invest in a reliable security software to prevent possible attacks.

1) ESET Internet Security

ESET has three tiers of security products: NOD32, Internet Security, and Smart Security Premium. The prices are on average, a little higher compared to other products—however, the comprehensive, multi-layer security is well worth it in the long run. Catered for individual PC users or small businesses, ESET prevents both online and offline cyberattacks and also bolsters defenses for your webcam or routers. They also offer a great IT security solution targeted at small businesses called the ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud. This solution seamlessly protects endpoints, servers, and virtual machines across different platforms.

Supported OS: Windows

2) Webroot Internet Security Complete

Webroot Software is an award-winning internet security company that provides several product tiers, similar to other competitors: Antivirus, Internet Security Plus, and Internet Security Complete. The most basic plan does execute the most important aspects of cybersecurity like detecting and removing viruses and malware. However, the Internet Security Complete package offers more powerful tools, such as file backup with secure cloud storage, intelligent hardware tuning for smooth PC experience, and secure password encryption. You can enjoy all of these security benefits with an incredibly small download size making software installation fast and seamless. You also can also install this on up to 5 devices, which provides a great bang-for-buck.

Supported OS: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS

3) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium

As the name suggests, Malwarebytes is exceptional at detecting and more importantly, preventing future malware attacks. Similar to Webroot’s Complete edition, Malwarebyte offers an easy-to-use, non-intensive software that utilizes advanced technologies to ensure utmost security. The real-time protection automatically scans your entire computer for potential malware and properly cleans up infections that passed through. The “Chameleon” feature further prevents more advanced malware from attempting to disable antivirus programs.

Supported OS: Windows

4) Symantec Norton Security Premium

Symantec is one of the largest cybersecurity brands in the world and its reliable, secure products reflect that status. The Norton Small Business plan offers thorough security for up to 20 devices along with centralized management that allows intuitive business scaling. Feature-wise, Norton Security offers powerful defense tools to prevent viruses, spyware, and malware from harming your devices. The best part of Norton’s products are the constant software updates, 24/7 dedicated support line, and fantastic warranty. Finally, because Symantec has such a giant database about malware from millions of devices, its software will more or less befitted with the necessary tools to prevent future attacks.

Supported OS: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS

5) TREND MICRO Worry-Free Business Security Standard

TREND MICRO has flexible options for both large enterprises and individuals or families. Worry-Free Standard is specially designed for companies with limited IT staff. The multi-platform protection ensures that every possible device in the company is secure with thorough malware and ransomware protection. Much like other brands, TREND MICRO optimized their products heavily so there is no major performance hit while maintaining consistent flow of software updates. The Worry-Free Services are especially great at securing user devices against malicious web content and potentially damaging scam e-mail.

Supported OS: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS

Investing in reliable, effective security software is not only a great peace of mind, but also a deterrent for possible business failure. In this day and age, user privacy and data security are important factors in maintaining a solid business reputation as well as keeping a healthy customer base. Avoid the potential damaging risks and invest now.

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