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Six Router Features That Optimize Small Business Networks

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Here we'll discuss the differences between home networking equipment and business-class routers, switches, and access points. Nearly all networking manufacturers put to market equipment they say is appropriate for small business networks. What exactly sets business routers apart from home routers? We’ll look at how their features and functions help a business operate in the context of a small office network setup.

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‘Fileless’ Malware Hides in Server Hardware Components, Stealing Silently

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A recent update for the popular security application CCleaner erupted into a cyber scandal. Millions of users downloaded the latest version of the disk clean-up program as prescribed, and with it, a computer virus. Owner of the CCleaner brand, Avast, found the breach, discovering that it entered and lingered in host servers without detection for months.

The servers belonged to Piriform, a software development company that sold CCleaner rights and hardware to Avast. The company suspects malware came bundled with Piriform server infrastructure. Not the value add Avast wanted.

Either way, the CCleaner debacle has two teachable lessons.

  • 1. Anyone can get hacked, even companies that wrote the book on cybersecurity.
  • 2. Fileless malware is a problem that affects a lot of business infrastructure.

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