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If you like to keep a pulse on new and popular apps for business, check out

The site invites developers to share the tools that they use, and explain what they like about them, and why they chose them. It is comprised of mainly user generated content, posted by the company engineers, VPEs, and CIOs themselves.

What apps for business are hot at the moment?

Here are the Top 10 according to site data:

  1. Google Apps for Business (productivity suite)
  2. WordPress (content management)
  3. Slack (messenger)
  4. Trello (project management)
  5. Zendesk (CRM)
  6. MailChimp (content distribution)
  7. JIRA (project management)
  8. Intercom (messenger)
  9. AdRoll (marketing analytics)
  10. Skype (VoIP, video conferencing)

See full stacks & business apps for top tech players

The site features stack profiles of serious heavy hitters in the SaaS game. Fair warning: browsing company stacks is addictive. Visit at the risk your daily workflow.

  • Google has a reputation of playing it close to the chest with their DevOps, but you’ll find what they have in their stack.
  • You might be surprised at the simplicity of Dropbox’s toolset.
  • Find out what Yelp uses for password management for its millions of users.

This is actually a clever tool for talent recruitment   

Why would a company tip its hand, so to speak, to competitors? The incentive is that it’s a tool for onboarding talent, another way to attract developers to a growing company. Programmers are understandably finicky about the tools they use and want to see what they’re getting into with prospective employers.

Also, this kind of collaborative, open-source attitude is standard practice for this generation of tech creatives. It has come to be expected with this set.

Companies list the apps they have in their stack; a running list of job openings is found at the bottom of their page.

See for yourself. The site is worth a bookmark for anyone working in technology and interested in new apps for business.

What Apps for Business are Tops for Tech Companies?
Article Name
What Apps for Business are Tops for Tech Companies?
Top tech companies share which apps for business, productivity and development they have in their stack—all in an effort to recruit talent.
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