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20 Most Shopped Components of 2015

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Last month, we ran Google Analytics on NeweggBusiness product pages to determine which items our customers were viewing the most in 2015. A good chunk of these products were pre-built systems. Here, we refine our scope to components—hard drives, motherboards, processors, memory—to get an idea of what people are looking at for building computers. For the most part, we found what we expected: lots of solid-state drives, hard disks for network attached storage, and AMD processors and motherboards. There were a few surprises too. Here is the list.


1. HGST Deskstar NAS (4 TB)HGST Desktar 4 TB

Price: $164.99

Selling Points
: With desktop NAS devices becoming the go-to file server solution for many SMBs, no surprise buyers are searching out HDDs specifically designed for NAS. The HGST Deskstar 4 TB NAS drive is rated for 24×7 operation with a 7200 RPM, and includes a rotational vibration sensor to combat disk wear. The 6 TB model ranks 9th place this list.

A similar model, the WD Red NAS Internal Drive, comes in 12th.


2. Samsung 850 EVO (250 GB)

850 EVO

Price: $119.99

Selling Points: Just as the Samsung 840 EVO was the 2014 SSD of choice for Newegg users, its successor is poised to do the same this year. SSDs make for great performance boosters for laptops with spinning disk drives. The 850 EVO brings a new flash memory technology called TLC V-NAND which layers memory cells to fit more storage space in a smaller area, which translates into faster write speeds and better reliability compared to its predecessor.

The 500 GB model ranks 6th on this list. The 256 GB model comes in 8th.


3. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO  

cooler master

Price: $34.99

Selling Points: The successor to the well-known and well-proven Cooler Master Hyper 212+, the 212 EVO follows the same formula offering lots of bang (83 CFM) for the buck (around $35). The fan on the 212 EVO operates at the same RPM, but Cooler Master tweaked the design and moved the heatpipes closer together making for better airflow.


4. Intel Core i7-4790K Devil’s Canyon

Intel i7

Price: $319.99

Selling Points: This Intel Haswell chip made it to market last summer and since then the price has come down a touch, which makes this a desirable CPU for a performance workstation build. Devil’s Canyon improves CPU thermals, as Haswells have become somewhat notorious for running hot in previous models.

The Intel i7-5820K (6 core 3.3 GHz) is ranked 17th.


5. Raspberry Pi B+


Price: $40.99

Selling points: A favorite gadget for enthusiasts and educators, RPi picked up a nice boost when it was announced that it would support Windows 10. The B+ featured here is not the Windows 10 model, but has four USB ports which makes it a legitimate microcomputer suited for embedded systems.  The Windows RPi 900 Mhz Model B is ranked 12th.


6. See: 2.


7. Kingston SSDNow V300 (120 GB)

kingston 120GB

Price: $59.99

Selling points:
The V300 is inexpensive for a 120 GB drive, important for entry-level hardware. There have been complaints of manufacturer bait and switch of memory components, but users have been for the most part satisfied and undeterred from looking at this model as an upgrade to a spinning disk. The SSDs have a three year warranty and Kingston’s product support team has a good reputation of being easy to work with.

8. See: 2.
9: See: 1.
10: See: 1.


11ASUS Sabertooth AMD 990FX R2.0 Motherboard

Asus motherboard

Price: $167.99

Selling Points: Built specifically to house AMD 9-Series CPUs, a powerful line of 8-core desktop workstation processors, this motherboard is the nerve center for high-performance builds.  It has a camouflage design to match military grade specifications for shock, humidity, and impact. It is spacious for custom builds and has a lot of bells and whistles for the price.


12. See: 5.


13. Seagate Barracuda 1 TB

seagate desktop hdd

Price: $51.99

Selling Points: When it comes to raw price per gigabyte, Seagate is tough to match. The Barracuda line is geared toward home users and SMBs for storing large media files. These drives have a 7200 RPM speed and meant for continual usage. You might notice there is a relatively high DOA or dead-after-a-short-while complaints in the reviews (15 percent) for this model. Note that these HDDs have two year warranties.


14. Seagate Archive HDD (8 TB)

Price: $299.99

Selling Points: Fit a huge amount of data on one drive—that is the plain-and-simple value proposition for archive hard disks like this one. These are ideal solutions for companies migrating from tape backup, or plugged into a server in a massive data center. Do not expect fast performance from a 2900 RPM archive drive however.


15. AMD FX-8350

AMD cpu

Selling Points: AMD’s most popular chip combines performance (8 cores, 4 GHz) at a competitive price point. Whereas the AMD-9 s not lend itself particularly well to overclocking, builders on the Newegg review boards love how the FX-8350 responds to pushing its performance. With 1,700+ 5 egg reviews, safe to say this is a favorite among our users.

The AMD FX-6300 (6 Core, 3.5 GHz), which represents one step below the FX-8350, is 18th on the list.


16. ASUS 24X DVD Burner


asus dvd

Price: $19.99

Selling Points: Somewhat surprising to read about an optical drive in 2015, but this component has been a consistent top seller since it came to market in 2010. As cited in many reviews, the ASUS 24X works as it should, and is a nice, simple drive for a format that is becoming obsolete. The most common complaint is noise after heavy usage.


17. See: 4.


18AMD A10-7850K

Price: $139.99

Selling Points: The Kaveri line of AMD CPUs delivers impressive CPU performance as well as graphics performance along with it.  Think computing performance for work, and frame rate performance for gaming, and there you have the A10-7850K line in a nutshell. The hallmark feature of this line is heterogeneous system architecture (HAS) which allows the CPU and GPU to work on the same task efficiently, without communication overhead.


19. See: 16.


20ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 (motherboard)

Price: $94.99

Selling Points: The ASrock brand, is once the budget line of ASUS motherboards, provides nice value especially for small form factor builds. This particular model is built to support the AMD 970 chipset. It can handle an 8 core AMD 9-series, but that might be considered a mismatch for this motherboard’s  performance.  Users like the firm build, and it has nice specs for the price.

20 Most Shopped Components of 2015
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20 Most Shopped Components of 2015
Hard drives, motherboards, processors, memory, SSDs—what are people looking at for building computers in 2015? Let's check Google Analytics.
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