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OCZ Trion 100 SSD Aims for Affordability, Endurance

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The newly minted OCZ Trion 100 solid-state drive (SSD) offers some of the lowest per-gigabyte prices available at the moment for SATA 6 Gbps internal drives–ranging between $0.31 and $0.41 per gigabyte depending on the drive’s storage capacity.

Think of the Trion 100 as an updated version of the previously released OCZ ARC 100, except fitted entirely of Toshiba components.

Toshiba acquired OCZ last year, with OCZ operating as a Toshiba subsidiary and keeping intact much of its research and development talent. The Trion 100 is the result of combining OCZ engineering with Toshiba’s ample supply of NAND. The low prices stem from the competitive advantage that arose from the partnership.

The new drives are the first by OCZ to use Toshiba Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND flash memory and controller technology—a similar die design to that used in the SanDisk Ultra II and Samsung 840 EVO drives.

TLC NAND typically gives an SSD higher density—more data can be stored on the silicon wafer—but has slower comparative performance than single-layer cell (SLC) and multi-layer cell (MLC) flash.  Since the dies do not require as much silicon to store data, this makes TLC NAND drives the most cost-efficient on the market.

To learn more about different types of flash memory, see the Solid State Drive (SSD) Buying Guide.

Here is a breakdown of listed performance by drive:

Drive Size (GB) Read/Write (MB/s) 4K Random Read/Write IOPS
120 GB 550/450 79,000/25,000
240 GB 550/520 90,000/43,000
480 GB 550/530 90,000/54,000
960 GB 550/530 90,000/64,000


A look at pricing per-GB:

Drive Size (GB) NeweggBusiness Price* Price per-GB
120 GB $49.99 $0.41
240 GB $89.99 $0.37
480 GB $179.99 $0.37
960 GB $299.99 $0.31

* Prices as of publication date.

Historically, TLC drives tend to have less endurance—the number of program-erase cycles an SSD can perform before you can no longer write data to it—than their MLC counterparts, but that is starting to change as the technology matures.

Having access to the expansive Toshiba labs and engineers allowed OCZ to run a more extensive testing and validation process in the development phase. This explains why OCZ claims the Trion 100 has a relatively high endurance capacity.

Drive Size Endurance Capacity
120 GB 30 TB
240 GB 60 TB
480 GB 120 TB
980 GB 240 TB

The hope is that leveraging the core competencies of the two respective companies will result in a less expensive and more reliable drive. At its price point, the OCZ Trion 100 should be appealing to users that want to extend the life of an older laptop or desktop computer by switching out the factory spinning hard disk drive (HDD) in favor of an SSD.

OCZ Trion 100 SSD Aims for Affordability, Endurance
Article Name
OCZ Trion 100 SSD Aims for Affordability, Endurance
The newly minted OCZ Trion 100 solid-state drive (SSD) offers some of the lowest per-GB prices available at the moment.
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