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It Is Time to Rethink Server Migration

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Are you watching the clock wind down on Windows Server 2003 end of support? We are too—literally.

With the July 14 expiration date less than a month away, this is crunch time for server migration procrastinators.

Beyond the usual security risks of running out-of-support server software, updating to Windows Server 2012 R2 will become more expensive after Windows Server 2003 falls out of service. Microsoft has announced a 13 percent price increase for Windows Server 2012 R2 user client access licenses (CALS) that will take effect on August 1st.

As they say in IT, indecision is the worst decision. Failing to update on time is one of the ways companies are overpaying for Windows Server licensing.

There is still time to do your server migration the right way. Thankfully we have plenty of resources to help guide you onto a supported Windows Server operating system.

  • Windows Server Migration Planning in Five Steps provides a general roadmap for driving through a basic server migration, as told by one of our in-house system administrators here at the Newegg datacenter.
  • For a deeper dive into nitty-gritty technical components of a server migration, check out Windows Server 2oo3 EOS: Five Free Migration Resources. There are pages and pages of server migration literature out there; these are the best documents of the bunch that will fast-track your research into the subject.
  • Just don’t freak out. Finding Zen in Windows Server 2012 is a case study we did with Windows Server administrator C.J. Wood,  who rates staying calm and remembering to breathe as the highest priority for a successful server migration. That certainly makes the job easier, along with spinning up Windows Server 2012 on new hardware.

Speaking of server hardware, we have resources that will help you make this decision as well.

If you are undergoing server migration and would like to connect offline with any questions about Windows Server 2012 licensing or server hardware, give us a call at (888) 482-6678 or email licensing@NeweggBusiness.com.

It Is Time to Rethink Server Migration
Article Name
It Is Time to Rethink Server Migration
It is crunch time for server migration procrastinators. Thankfully we are here with the tools and resources to do the job right.
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