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Microsoft has made available Build 10051 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, and with it has opened up the Project Spartan browser to a plethora of Lumia devices. Since the Windows 10 technical preview in January, Microsoft has emphasized how the Windows 10 dynamic user interface aims to provide the best fit for the device. Last week saw Project Spartan debut on desktop PCs. Now it is time to see how well it translates to Microsoft cell phones.

One thing to keep in mind, says Kyle Pflug of the IEBlog: “This build, like last week’s desktop build, is a very early look at software that we’re actively developing.” There will be bugs and features that do not jive with users—in fact, one of the reasons that Microsoft turns preview versions over to users is so that they can help point them out, which they are invited to do in an online suggestion box.

So far, the number one complaint deals with the location of the toolbar, which is inexplicably located at the top of the screen. Anyone who has ever used a mobile phone with one hand knows the pains involved with thumbing the top of a touchscreen.

Which mobile devices support Windows 10 and Project Spartan previews?

Lumia devices that support Project Spartan preview include:

See the Windows blog for a full list of supported devices.

How to preview Windows 10 and Project Spartan on your Lumia device

Sign up for Windows 10 Technical Preview by enrolling in the Windows Insider Program. You will need to create Microsoft account to do this if you do not have one already. Microsoft suggests that you have basic aptitude for using a PC, but this is not mandatory. Remember, knowledge is only a Goog—er, Bing search away.

Once enrolled as a Windows Insider, you will have early access to Windows 10 releases and have a voice in the community that Microsoft taps to help along their development process. Go ahead and launch from your Lumia device, and download the Windows Insider app. Follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll be ready to test drive Windows 10 and Project Spartan.

Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview on a backup phone is a probably a good idea. Since the app is still under development, there is a chance it might interfere with normal phone functioning.  If you wish to opt out of Technical Preview, you will need to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool and perform a factory reset to return to Windows 8.

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What features do you want to see for Project Spartan on your mobile device?

Have a Lumia phone? Check Out Project Spartan
Article Name
Have a Lumia phone? Check Out Project Spartan
Technical previews of Windows 10 and Project Spartan are available for many Lumia phone models. Here is how to take a test drive.
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