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Dell Networking targets small businesses with plans for growth with its new X-Series of managed network switch announced today. With the X-Series, users get a fully managed network switches that provides the same scalable performance, security, and reliability as an enterprise-class network switch, but with a easy-to-use GUI intended to make advanced network administration simple enough for an average user.

From a hardware perspective, Dell says the X-Series network switch is the industry’s first smart web managed 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) all fiber-switch.  Models come in 8-, 16-, 24-, or 48-port configuration, with optional power over Ethernet (PoE). The 8-port network switch can fit on a desktop (it is fanless and quiet) or it can be secured to the ceiling. 10 GbE features are available on the 48-port network switch.

The key feature is the GUI, which Dell calls SmartGUI™, that responds to commands that will be familiar for PC and server software users. The idea is that there will be less jargon to learn thereby making configuration and troubleshooting fast and accurate for an IT generalist—or even the business owner him or herself.

SmartGUI - VLAN wizard

SmartGUI – VLAN wizard

Step-by-step setup wizards and a customizable dashboard are the centerpiece features of SmartGUI. It can be used for common network monitoring tasks like setting up alerts and traffic monitoring, and  address those alerts right in the same program. You can optimize cloud services and on-site network applications with security features by seamlessly communicating with a Dell SonicWALL security appliance; and set up batch routines and port profiles for multiple ports in one fell swoop.

SmartGUI - port profile wizard

SmartGUI – port profile wizard

An X-Series network switch is best deployed in a small isolated office, or a small site within a distributed enterprise.

For pricing and capabilities, the Dell X-Series is anticipated to compete with the Cisco SG300 network switches, NETGEAR smart network switches, and offerings from TRENDnet among others.

Watch for the Dell X-Series network switch to become available for purchase in the NeweggBusiness networking store in the coming weeks.

Dell Announces X-Series Network Switch for Growing Companies
Article Name
Dell Announces X-Series Network Switch for Growing Companies
How does the Dell X-Series network switch offer enterprise features using SMB resource levels? It's all in the GUI.
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