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In the modern working world, remote work has become part of the daily lives of most people, and the flexible office plays a big role. Whether they’re answering emails on your phone in the morning, connecting to a VPN from a coffee shop to update some campaign changes, or part of a growing number of workers working exclusively from home, having more control over when and where individuals get work done can help boost creativity, and lead to a happier and more productive workforce. Here are some techniques to make your business a bit more flexible.

Hot Desks

flexible office

Sometimes, workers really do need to be on site. But with the rise of mobile technology and the ability to work from just about anywhere, they may not ALL need to be on site all the time. This is where hot desks come in handy. Workers can reserve workspace in a main office on specific days and times, so that they can come in for meetings or other collaborative work. This can help save business owners costs by lowering the amount of office space you actually need in the first place, and allowing for less energy footprint from heating, cooling, and lighting that space.  


Whether you’re using Slack or Skype, Hipchat or RingCentral, there are a plethora of tools that are available to help connect your workforce from all over the globe. Video conferencing in particular helps to bring consultants and coworkers alike into the flexible office, and many messaging services also come with additional organization tools to help store project files, organize calendars, and more. Managers can also remotely check in on employees to ensure they are getting all the tools they need.

Wireless Security

If fewer people are going to be in the office at a time, and some coming in outside of normal business hours, it may be harder to have a good physical security presence to protect business assets. This is where wireless security solutions come in handy, as they can give business owners peace of mind even while employees can enjoy being off the 9 to 5 grind.

Project management

So many software companies have tackled company productivity; there are a plethora of tools for everything from calendar creation to asset management, and they help companies all over save money, and even more importantly, time.

Is the flexible office right for you?

The more workforces are allowed to approach their tasks at their own time and on their own terms, the more their work shines. With the tools available to collaborate without commutes, monitor public workspaces for peace of mind, and reduce your business carbon footprint, you also might find a better chance at retaining your talent as well. Flexible offices are, in short, the better modern workplace.

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