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Small business owners understand the dilemma rapid growth can bring. Business is booming, sales are up, but the funds to purchase necessary equipment and supplies to support that growth is not yet available. To scale, you need access to working capital.

There are many types of working capital available, but it can be daunting to choose the right one for your business. Bank loan? Invoice financing? Your personal credit card? The trouble with traditional financing options like these is that they are inflexible, laden with hidden fees and complex terms, and often take time to set up.

At Behalf, our mission is to help businesses grow by offering a short-term working capital solution without all the strings that are attached to traditional financing options. 

Solving the Cashflow Dilemma

Today, many businesses are turning to virtual financing solutions to increase their buying power and gain access to working capital to buy what they need when they need it. Upon approval, with a VISA virtual card from Behalf, businesses can pay nearly any merchant to make purchases online, in-store or over the phone, subject to underwriting and approval.

Businesses control the cash flow when we pay on your business’ Behalf. That means merchants generally get paid next business day after transaction approval, you get to choose your own financing details, and many more benefits.

Below are five reasons why a virtual VISA card works for your business with Behalf:

Skip the Trip to the Bank

Why wait any longer when your business can sign-up for Behalf in minutes. Behalf makes it quick and easy to sign up.  Thereafter, submitting transaction requests for business purchases through our digital platform subject, while subject to approval, it does not impact the owner’s personal credit score.

Forget Plastic, Go Virtual

Save your personal credit card for groceries. Buy what your business needs to run the business, when the business needs it, from almost any merchant, using Behalf.  Then expedite payment to the merchant by checking out using the virtual VISA card** when the transaction is approved by Behalf. 

Take Control, Customize the Financing Details

Are the payment terms too limiting? Get the equipment your business needs today, then apply for the preferred financing period from the options provided, and choose a monthly or weekly automatic debit schedule.

Manage Costs with a Transparent Fee Structure

We believe everyone should have access to the working capital they need, so we don’t charge certain fees that others do, which add to your costs. With Behalf, you can expect no hidden fees, no origination fees, no annual membership fees, no variable rates, and no maintenance or inactivity fees.

Find out more about our in-purchase financing solutions and flexible financing options at

This article was contributed by Behalf, financing partners of NeweggBusiness.

*This post is for informational purposes only, not financial advice. Any reference to a web site of another party, does not constitute or imply endorsement.

**The Virtual Card is not a credit card but a payment vehicle whereby Behalf is the Cardholder and Customers are assigned a number for checkout, as authorized users for approved transactions to facilitate the processing of the financing proceeds directly to the merchant. Transactions must be individually underwritten and approved before each Virtual Card use. For approved transactions paid to merchants via Visa Virtual Card, the majority of funds are extended the same business day. The majority of customers receive a transaction decision within 24 hours subject to cut-off times (Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4:45pm ET) and in some cases, a same-day decision. Delays could occur due to unforeseen circumstances, or additional information or verification required. Financing details are subject to underwriting approval. Assignment of purchasing limit occurs at Behalf Internet Account Enrollment. Application and approval occurs at the transaction checkpoint. Financing fee is calculated based on transaction amount and does not decline until full satisfaction of the transaction. Terms and conditions subject to change at any time.

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