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Boxa challenges the age-old question of “Why reinvent the wheel?” with “why not?” They’ve attempted to reinvent file storage boxes to be more user-friendly and ergonomic with their 101 system of boxes. They sent us several of their corrugated file storage boxes to test, so we put them through the wringer to see if they really perform as advertised.

The Boxa 101 System


At the core of the Box system are the 101 and 101 Plus storage boxes. The 101 is a standard size file storage box compatible with legal/letter media. The 101 Plus is a longer version of the 101 that can fit more files and items.

Along with the 101 file storage boxes, Boxa makes the Hopper file organizer bins. They can be used as standalone desk organizers and also internal partitions for the 101 boxes. There are two variants of the Hopper boxes, the standard size Hopper and the larger Hopper Plus. A 101 can hold three Hoppers or a Hopper Plus and one Hopper. The 101 Plus can hold five Hoppers or two Hopper Plus boxes and one Hopper.


101 Plus


Hopper Plus

How it improves on the storage box

The 101’s key selling point is its ergonomic grips, which are curved and angled forward. The rationale is that they allow for equal weight distribution and less stress on the palm, wrist, and forearm. In addition to the ergonomic benefits, the curved grip is also supposed to be less prone to ripping. They’ve also placed the grip so that your thumb can rest on the top of the box cover.


To make the boxes HIPAA and FACTA compliant, they’ve put holes next to the handles for users to snake zip-ties through as well as writing areas on the side walls under the lids. Speaking of zip-ties, Boxa also has their own brand of zip-ties aptly named Boxa Ties.


Real-world Testing

Boxa sent us a 101, 101 Plus, five Hoppers, one Hopper Plus, and a bag of Boxa Locks. So how well do the file storage boxes perform in everyday scenarios? Well, the handles work as advertised and are easy to grip. Assembly is easy and straight forward—I didn’t even need to consult the assembly instructions. The boxes were very durable and they felt easier to carry compared standard file storage boxes. The Boxa Ties aren’t bad, but they don’t bring anything new to the table.

If you constantly carry or move the same file storage boxes over and over, the 101 performs better than regular storage boxes. But, if you’re just going to keep them in a corner of the office for years and years, the improved ergonomics may have limited value.


The Boxa system doesn’t completely revolutionize how we think about cardboard file storage, but the improved ergonomics do offer real advantages.  Price-wise, they’re currently available for $79.05 for a pack of 20 while a competing Fellowes model is priced at $79.11 for a pack of 20. At the same price, the Boxa 101 makes for a better file storage box solution.

Boxa 101: Reinventing the File Storage Box - HardBoiled
Article Name
Boxa 101: Reinventing the File Storage Box - HardBoiled
The Boxa 101 reinvents the standard file storage box to be more ergonomic and easier to use. We review the Boxa 101 system to see if they succeed.
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