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The break room is staple to a balanced office environment – it’s the ideal place to make a short phone call, have a healthy snack, or connect with colleagues over coffee. The essence of this room lies in the opportunity to detach from work stress and recharge mentally and physically. Here are some tips on break room essentials that will help cultivate a warm, relaxing atmosphere for your employees.

Create the physical space for relaxation

Since the beginning of modern office culture, the water cooler was the first “break area” for employees to hang out and engage in small talk. In today’s offices, the water cooler area has evolved into a dynamic physical space where employees can relax. You will want to designate a space separate from the work area that will allow employees the opportunity to step away from their desk to unwind. Long hours at the computer or on the phone can easily drain energy and lead to burnout. Making minor environmental changes like having different colored walls, interesting artwork, and comfortable furniture can boost employee’s mood. For instance, utilizing green or blue colors on walls or artwork can promote relaxation, hopefulness, and tranquility.

Coffee, snacks, and appliances for the mind and body

Wake up and smell the coffee! There’s no denying that it helps us stay awake, concentrate, and start the day with a boost of energy. With that said, investing in a high-quality coffee maker will go a long way in making your employees happy and productive (especially in the morning). And be sure to stock up on different creamers, coffee brands, and sugar to satisfy everyone’s varying taste.

After a grueling couple of hours of taxing your mind on work, nothing feels better than refueling yourself with some snacks. While doughnuts, sweets and sugary selections tend to be the most common choices to snack on, consider providing healthier options like nuts, oatmeal, breakfast or protein bars, and yogurt. Taking care of your employee’s health is just as important as their paycheck – additionally, they will feel much more appreciated with the healthier snack options.

Also to help out the ‘Brown Baggers” invest in essential kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves and toasters. It will allow your employees to prepare their lunch without too much work. After all, what’s a hot meal without a microwave?

Cleanliness goes hand in hand with mental clarity

Maintaining a clean and organized break room can help improve mood and workplace attitude. The sight of dirty napkins and food scraps is not only unsanitary, but inconsiderate to other employees who share the space. Having cleaning supplies on hand will go a long way in helping to keeping your shared space clean, keeping employees happy and healthy.

The comfortable break room

The office culture of taking a break has evolved drastically from short water cooler conversations to limitless ways to decompress and connect with co-workers. Whether it’s eating a hearty breakfast or just stepping away to clear your head, how comfortable and well stocked your break room is will have an impact on how it is used. Work-life balance has become a bigger focus for businesses to keep their employees happy, and this balance starts from work space itself. Invest in a proper break room and you’ll end up with productive, energized, and motivated people.

3 Essential Break Room Tips for Employee Productivity
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3 Essential Break Room Tips for Employee Productivity
The break room is the ideal place at work to unwind, eat, and converse with co-workers. Here are some tips on break room essentials to cultivate a relaxing atmosphere for your employees.
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