2019 Guide: Small Office Network Setup

Knowing the basics about networking hardware is the first step in planning for the appropriate small office network setup.


Networking the Smart Office That Millennials Demand

Technology-obsessed millennials are shaping the modern workplace with their preferences for smart office equipment, and they do not compromise.


PoE+ Plus Switches Set the Bar for Business Networks

If you plan on incorporating IP devices into your building management, you want to acknowledge and embrace the importance of PoE+ switches.


Differentiating Gateway, Firewall, and Router Feature Sets

What is the difference between a router and a gateway? What about a security gateway and a firewall or UTM? We’ll sort out the nomenclature here.


No Fiber, No Problem: How to Boost Wi-Fi Over a Cat5e Cable Network

If your business values fast WiFi in the workplace, get excited. Network switches with the new IEEE 802.3bz Ethernet standard may boost WiFi signal over a gigabit per second with an 802.11ac WiFi router and access points.

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OpenWRT 802.11ac Wireless Routers: Five Picks

Professional network engineers recognize OpenWrt as the go-to open source standard for organizational networking. They like a proper Linux GNU and stable versioning to work into existing Linux environments.