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Looking for a Windows 10 tablet that supports PayPal Here? For official support, you’re probably better off going with a refurbished Windows 8.1 tablet if you’re looking to expand your mPOS presence. Windows 10 and PayPal never received any official blessing after a promising partnership a couple years back.

According to the PayPal Here page, there are no recommended Windows 10 tablets that support the mPOS payment hardware.

The good news is you can still get many of the Windows 8.1 tablets and Lumia smartphones on the PayPal Here supported list:

My advice? Check out a refurbished Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 (value-wise and performance-wise).

Merchants were introduced to Windows compatible PayPal tablets two years ago. A Microsoft partnership enabled the use of Surface Pro 3 as a point- of-sale (POS) tool. PayPal Here originally rolled out for iOS and Android devices in late 2012.

Small business users can operate the PayPal Here card reader in a Windows 8.1 environment with an accompanying PayPal-developed app to process and log credit card, debit card, and PayPal transactions.

There was so much promise with Windows and PayPal. Not quite sure what happened to that momentum.

Since it used the popular Windows app programming language, it should mean easier development of business-specific applications. This offers programmers the opportunity to build in compatibility with other commonly used Windows programs for accounting and inventory management.

This collaborative effort between Microsoft and PayPal effort piqued our interest because it gives merchants an all-in-one device to handle the transaction side of their business as well as the bookkeeping end of it. The hope was the result plays into what Microsoft is trying to bring to market with the Surface Pro 3.

Positioned as a “tablet that can replace your laptop,” the Surface Pro 3 offers a notebook-like user experience for producing documents and spreadsheets, with enough computing power to run full-featured applications like QuickBooks or Photoshop. Detach the keyboard and it becomes a tablet portable enough to assist customers anywhere in the retail space; better yet, it allows retailers to break the confines of traditional brick-and-mortar locations.

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We have a feeling this partnership will be a positive for the Surface Pro 3 and retail merchants alike.

Surface Pro 3 Adds POS Features with PayPal Partnership
Article Name
Surface Pro 3 Adds POS Features with PayPal Partnership
Merchants will be able to use a Surface Pro 3 as a point-of-sale (POS) tool in the coming months, by way of a partnership between Microsoft and PayPal.
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