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Monitors are sometimes overlooked while PC components and hardware are glimmering in the limelight. However, monitors are just as important to your productivity and well-being. It may be hard to discern the slight differences from one monitor to another, but understanding the slight technical differences can help you decide what is best for you. Let’s take a look at the best-selling monitors so far in 2019, and see why they hold those spots.

1. Dell P2417H 23.8″ 6ms

Dell has a strong hold in the monitor market — the value and quality helps it shine in the saturated monitor market. The 23.8” screen size is more than enough for the average user as it lets you focus on the task in front of you without having to sacrifice too much screen real estate. The IPS panel produces a vivid, color-accurate display while allowing flexible viewing angles (for anytime you want to collaborate at your desk). Finally, what really sets this specific monitor apart from the others is the flexibility. With swivel, pivot, height, and tilt options, you can match the monitor to fit your comfortable stance for a more ergonomic experience.

    2) ASUS VE248H Black 24″ 2ms

Coming in at a close second, ASUS’s flagship monitors for businesses and consumers alike have made a significant impact on the monitor market. Technical specifications are basically on par with the Dell monitor. One notable difference is the built-in speaker, which could be useful if you don’t want to invest in a separate sound system.

Other similar ASUS versions scored really well with consumers. For instance, the ASUS VC239H 23”, VP228HE 21.5”, and VS228H-P 21.5” all dominated the top selling list for monitors. The differences among these monitors are very slight — a little bit of screen size, contrast ratio, and ezel-to-screen ratio. Consider these monitors pretty much the same when it comes to specifications, as the only deciding factors would be dependent on if you want a slighter bigger screen or better contrast ratio. 

3) Sceptr E248W 24”

Embodying a slim, sleek, and modern design, this Sceptr monitor brings a lot to the table. It’s priced at an extremely affordable price compared to the other monitors, making this an attractive option for business and casual users alike. With a brightness rating of 230 nits and contrast ratio of 5,000:1, it does fall slightly below the average of other monitors, but again if you’re not going to be doing professional design or visually tasking processes, you should be fine.

4) Acer KA251Q 24.5”

best-selling monitors 2019

The big difference between this Acer and other monitors is the panel type. KA251Q uses TN panel, which has better refresh rate, but less vibrant colors. Again, if vibrancy is something you don’t care too much about, this shouldn’t bother you at all. With wide viewing angles, low-blue light and flickerless technology, this monitor will definitely help you with the everyday office productivity and entertainment needs.

5) AOC 27B1H 27”

best-selling monitors 2019

This monitor stands to be one of the best looking in our bunch. It has ultra-slim bezels with an IPS panel, which means beautiful color production and flexible viewing angles. Bezel-less frames allow for a seamless multi-monitor (whether it’s dual or triple) system that you may want to use for your office or home. Last but not least, the large 27″ screen size lets you tackle multi-tasking or creative work with no problem.

When it comes to finding the right monitor for you, you need to think about what you’re going to be doing the most. Most of the monitors here utilize IPS panel, which is ideal for everyday office or home use. Larger monitor size can also be beneficial if you prefer to multi-task frequently on a single monitor or want to make fonts or applications bigger in general. Overall, these best-selling monitors have been a hit because of their quality, affordability, and reliability.

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