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CES 2021 is upon us, this time in an all-virtual format. Just like the live version, CES is far too large for any one person to fully take in. That’s why we’re here to give you a quick overview of some of the show’s standouts when it comes to technology used in the workplace, so you feel confident that you’re up to date on the best and brightest CES 2021 has to offer. 

Intel vPro: security and manageability tech comes to mobile CPUs 

Intel’s new 11th gen Tiger Lake mobile CPUs are now getting the vPro security treatment that has become synonymous with their business line. vPro is a platform within a platform that combines hardware solutions with BIOS to protect against increasingly common malware attacks, and in its latest iteration it has a few new features designed to take that security edge even further. 

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Intel announced its new Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET) last year, and these chips will be the first to take advantage of the added security. CET combines two new technologies to protect against ROP/JOP/COP malware. First Indirect Branch Tracking (IBT) helps identify when jump/call oriented programming attacks attempt to hijack code. Paired with IBT, Shadow Stack (SS) protects against ROP attacks by keeping a second unalterable copy of the stack which it uses to identify discrepancies. With malware and ransomware attacks on the rise, businesses should be excited for this more comprehensive approach to protecting precious data. 

Bittium offers intelligent vehicle HMI for secure fleet management

Specializing in communications and connectivity, Bittium is showcasing all the potential offered by their new intelligent personalized vehicle HMI and secure fleet management solutions on the Android automotive platform. One reference design they highlight features advanced AI face recognition to create a system that recognizes different users and adjusts to their individual driving habits. It can even work with wireless Apple Car Play to further personalize the user experience. While connected car systems are important, Bittium also recognizes that they represent an information security risk. That’s why their security solutions enable easy remote monitoring and management of vehicles, while maintaining privacy for the driver. 

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Inhalio is “Scent-as-a-Service” for transportation providers

Inhalio came to CES to showcase their new 3.2 Scent-as-a-Service solutions, including new hardware and cloud services. First, their new mobile dry-air diffuser the Nomad SD3 is compact, fits in just about any vehicle cupholder, comes with up to four intelligent scent cartridges, and is completely adjustable through a simple smartphone app. This system can be integrated into a rideshare company’s app using APIs, giving the customer the same easy access as the driver. Inhalio also revealed five new scent cartridges: Mood enhancing scents “Alert” and “Relax” to invigorate or relax respectively, the “Relief” cartridge is designed to help with mild to moderate motion sickness, “Refresh” is an odor neutralizing technology, and finally “Sanitize” which has be proven to kill airborne pathogens. Inhalio ScentCloud can monitor, control, manage, and collect data on every intelligent cartridge in an entire fleet, it even tracks cartridge depletion and reorders. 

MorpheusTEK: devices for smart social distancing and sanitary practices


As you can imagine, solutions for operating under restrictions imposed by COVID-19 were a hot topic at the first ever digital CES. MorpheusTEK presented a few impressive options. The DreamVu PAL Omnidirectional 3D Vision System for Social Distancing and People Flow Monitoring delivers accurate 360° real-time coverage of a workspace measuring up to 60” x 60”. That means one vantage point can cover a space that would traditionally require several installations. It counts people, monitors movement, triggers alerts when social distance standards are violated, and seemlessly integrates with popular video management systems. The mAIrobotics Gatekeeper and MassProtector are the only AI enabled, cloud based, enterprise integration capable IR thermal scanner body temperature solutions in the world. Able to perform face detection and body temperature measurements accurate to within half a degree Fahrenheit in less than half a second, and at distances of up to 26 feet. 

Smart masks by Nexvoo 

Nobody came to CES with more solutions for doing business in the pandemic than Nexvoo Inc, who showed off both health and communication focused tech. The Nexvoo Breez Smile Transparent Face Mask with Ultra-Silent Micro Fan features 5-layer filters rated at the same efficiency as N99 masks, paired with 3-speed ultra-silent fans to create a fresh air environment, all without impeding the wearer’s ability to communicate clearly. They also displayed the world’s first ergonomic office chair with a built-in heart monitor. The chair is supportive, highly positionable and breathable, and can supply the user with their heart rate, blood oxygen level, HRV and fatigue index at the press of a button. In communications, they displayed their 1080P Smart Video Conference Camera with AI based auto-tracking and auto-framing. And finally, they showed off their Google certified video conferencing tablet, the Nexvoo T5300. Built with high-power speakers and an ultra-HD camera this portable conferencing tablet is capable of running any video conferencing application or any other app available on the Andriod marketplace. 

A cyber chef? Check out Moley’s robotic kitchen

Developed by a huge team of engineers, product designers, interior designers, and three award winning chefs, the Moley Robotic Kitchen is designed to prepare healthy delicious food with the same care and skill as a world class chef. The technology centers around a 3-axis rail system featuring a pair of mechanical arms each with a highly developed robotic hand, all operating in a beautiful highly connected IoT kitchen. These arms don’t just cook with robotic efficiency, the hands’ movements follow algorithms based on the motion captured skills of professional chefs. The robot comes with a long list of preprogrammed recipes, and new recipes can be downloaded at any time, but the robotic kitchen can also be taught new recipes including old family favorites. The robot even cleans up after itself, including any drops, spills, or splatters. The manufacturer claims the system won’t cost much more than other modern kitchens, making it a great option for the home or corporate space. 

Forever Tag: Digital ID tags you keep forever 

An inexpensive and durable solution for identifying personal property and company inventory has arrived in the form of Forever Tags. Digital ID tags that can be read with just about any mobile device. They come as either adhesive plastic or engraved metal tags, each with its own QR code that can be easily customized and controlled by the end user through an online portal. The user can upload up to two photos and nearly unlimited text and that same system also has a “sponsor” feature that organizations or groups can utilize to digitally place their logo, a line of text and URL into a large group of Forever Tags through a simple upload procedure. Tags can even be produced with custom logos and text for the promotional market. 

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nomadplug  is the last adapter you’ll ever buy

Those who travel internationally for business know that there are few things more frustrating than spending your hard-earned money on a cheap bulky plug adapter that loses its pieces, and doesn’t even work in more than a handful of countries. The nomadplug puts an end to all that. Fully functional in every country across the globe, the nomadplug is also completely modular and built with rare earth magnets so it can be rearranged easily and without losing parts. It also features USB-C charging capabilities so you don’t have to waste luggage space with clunky phone or laptop power bricks. The lightweight, durable design ensures that the nomadplug is easy to take with you, and is sure to last for many trips to come. 

Xsens MotionCloud will revolutionize motion capture 

Xsens MVN already represents the market’s leading inertial motion tracking software, but this year at CES they announced the new MotionCloud service that introduces cloud-based storage, processing power, and reporting tools for greater team collaboration and motion data processing. Whether capturing the movements of a famous athlete at the arena, or designing the ergonomics of a car interior at the in the field, tracking precise motion off-site has never been easier. MVN Analyze and Animate users will be able to upload data directly to the cloud and share for easy review. Taking advantage of the MotionCloud’s data processing power can even remove hardware limitations, and make collaborative projects faster and easier than ever before. 

BenjiLock secures with a fingerprint 

BenjiLock provides easy solutions for physical security needs with their line of fingerprint activated locks. Anything you can secure with a padlock you can secure with BenjiLock. Their line of door locks can be opened with a fingerprint or a personalized code, while their padlock is more compact than ever, so it can be used almost anywhere. There’s even a TSA approved version for your luggage. These security devices are so advanced they can be programed with up to ten fingerprints, allowing an entire team to have quick and easy access to the locations and materials they need, and because fingerprints can be deleted at any time, you can be confident that your secured spaces will remain secure. 

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Whether you’re outfitting a fleet of rideshare vehicles, seeking tech solutions for an office, or just shopping for the coolest and most advanced gadgets in the market, CES 2021 literally has something for everyone. We only scratched the surface of the tip of the iceberg here, but we hope we piqued your interest and showed you something that excites you as much as this annual festival of technology excites us. Things are only going to get faster, more advanced, and more connected, and we’ll be right here covering them for you the whole time. 

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