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Low-cost truck GPS trackers are a hot item now that FMCSA MAP-21 rules are set to take effect for logistics carriers. Telematics, the use of GPS-based electronic logging devices (ELDs) to monitor activity for working vehicles, is squarely front and center for the fleet management industry.

Telematics benefit fleet management by streamlining data collection for geolocation, drivers’ hours of service (HOS), rate of speed, switching the ignition on/off, engine idle time, and vehicle maintenance schedules. Managers configure telematics applications to trigger alerts for unusual driver behavior, vehicle malfunctions, and scheduled maintenance. Patterns in the data provide a clear picture for actionable fleet management decisions.

Truck GPS trackers and new FMCSA mandates

A new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation called MAP-21 makes ELDs a DOT requirement for commercial fleet vehicles. MAP-21 requires operators to have an ELD solution in place by December 2017; it must be capable of real-time data capture of vehicle location, driver duty status, and HOS metrics.

By law, ELD data must be verifiable on the spot to law enforcement, either by electronic transmission from a central office or via Bluetooth or USB 2.0 from a driver’s mobile device.

Several truck GPS solutions have been put to market in the past few years. One such solution is the Linxup GPS Fleet Tracker, a simple tool and a low-cost way to comply with FMCSA and MAP-21 rules.

The small cube-like tracking device plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII port (usually located near the key ignition), and is essentially ready to go once the car is started, and the app is installed on a mobile device.


The Linxup tracker unit sells for under $50, and comes with a $22.99 per month no-contract data plan. The collected data interfaces with a free mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, or on a computer web browser.

Premium ELD add-on features will cover the bases for MAP-21 mandates for electronic ELD/HOS tracking.

Learn more after purchase by contacting Linxup ELD/HOS compliance experts who will explain additional services connected to MAP-21 rules in further detail.

New GSA telematics rules for federal fleet management

Analysts anticipate that new FMCSA rules will ignite the fleet management market; enterprise logistics is just one factor.

Driving demand even further are new rules that require telematics reporting for the US federal fleet, which is comprised of more than 640,000 cars, trucks, buses, and emergency vehicles.

New reporting rules outlined by Executive Order EO 13693Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade were issued in August 2016, wherein agencies are advised to install GPS trackers and vehicle diagnostics tools to help meet the new mandates.

The federal government has contracted AT&T for the Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to fit telematics devices on federal fleet vehicles. Under the BPA, agencies will pay AT&T $100 per unit plus $46.55 for installation at $10-$12 per month for data.

Under GSA rules, agencies may install telematics devices from another source if they can find a better deal. GPS solutions providers are sure to be champing at the bit to undercut the BPA price for federal contracts.

Final thoughts

The market is aligning itself in response to new rules mandating truck GPS trackers and fleet telematics for federal vehicles. Get ahead of the curve! Linxup experts are ready to help get new GPS tracking technology into your fleet management operations in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Linxup: Low-Cost Truck GPS Tracker for New FMCSA Rules
Article Name
Linxup: Low-Cost Truck GPS Tracker for New FMCSA Rules
Low-cost truck GPS trackers are a hot item now that FMCSA MAP-21 rules are set to take effect for commercial logistics carriers. Telematics is squarely front and center for the fleet management industry.
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