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With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about what you will purchase for your employees. For your IT staff, picking out the perfect gadgets or other fun gifts can be a challenge, but worry no more. This list of 20 grinch-proof techie gifts will make shopping for your team faster and easier than ever before. There are great gift ideas for any budget so pick the ones your team will love and check each of them off of your ‘nice list’ for Christmas shopping this year.

Web Cams

Good quality webcams are surprisingly affordable, making them a great gift for your employees. They can start streaming, video chatting with friends, or even jumping on that next Zoom meeting from home with this practical but still fun gift.

Netflix Subscription

With an endless number of much-beloved TV shows, movies, and more, just about everyone will love a subscription to Netflix. This gift is even better since you can renew it each year to make your gift shopping simple!

Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Give your employees the gift of comfort with this ergonomic mouse pad that offers smooth performance and proper support.

Gaming Keyboard

Whether your team loves playing online games, or they just like the bright look of an LED keyboard, this is a fun gift idea. Gaming keyboards come are backlit with LEDs for fun colors as well as improved visibility. They could plug this keyboard into their home PC for gaming or use it at work, so they really stand out from the rest of the office. Either way, it will make a great gift.

Solid State Drive

The gift of speed is really what you will be given with this option. While it may seem odd to a non-techie, getting a solid-state drive is something all IT folks will appreciate.

X-Box Gift Card

Did you wait till the last minute to pick up gifts for your techie employees? Don’t worry, it is never too late. Grab an x-box gift card with digital delivery and you can have your shopping done in just minutes.

Office (or Gaming) Chairs

Old office chairs are uncomfortable and annoying. Your employees will love you if you upgrade their seating to a high-quality option that is designed for long-term comfort. Either give them a gaming chair for home or simply upgrade the office chairs, they will appreciate either option.

Hand Tools

Sure, computer nerds may not be best known for turning a wrench and working with their hands, but the fact is, they still need tools! Most techies love opening up their PCs, upgrading hardware, and much more. Having a good set of hand tools makes all of this possible. This is a very practical gift that employees could use in many places throughout their homes.

Phone Case

There are few things more annoying than a phone with a cracked screen or messed up back. Help your employees keep their Apple or Android phones safe with a great phone case.

Coffee Gift Basket

You will be hard-pressed to find a techie who doesn’t thrive on caffeine and what better way to reward them than with a coffee gift basket. Pick out their favorite coffee, creamer, sweetener, and other supplies to make a gift that they are sure to love and that can be customized based on your budget.

Virtual Reality

Are your employees sick and tired of the same old routine day after day? Give them the gift of an entirely new world! Virtual reality headsets, such as those from Oculus, offer an immersive gaming experience they will never forget. Give one to everyone, or get a few sets for the office to share on breaks!


Most techies are not known for being fitness buffs, but if they have a Fitbit or other wearable piece of technology that tracks their activity, that could all change. Help your office get in shape with a great Fitbit device.

iPad Case

Whether you supply your team with tablets or they have their own, a good case is a great gift. Choose a fun iPad case that will not only protect their devices but also keep them looking cool.

Gaming Mouse

Gamers will do anything to boost their performance just a little bit so they can get that extra headshot against their friends. A quality gaming mouse is a perfect option to optimize their precision gaming, so they won’t miss again. If your techies love gaming, there is no doubt that this will be much appreciated.

Newegg Gift Card

If you are still struggling to find the perfect give for your team of techs, you really can’t go wrong with a gift card to Newegg. Newegg has long been seen as the perfect place to buy all the tech supplies you could ever want, so let your team choose exactly what they want with a Newegg Gift Card.

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