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As the world says goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022 most people will be hoping that the coming year will bring a full end to the pandemic and a return to something like normalcy. While it is impossible to predict how that will go, we can be quite certain that nothing will return to normal in the world of technology. Instead, there will continue to be advancements and innovations that will change the way we live, work, and interact with others.

Knowing what types of tech trends are most likely to be popular in 2022 can help to ensure your business is ready to take full advantage. Whether you use these technologies to improve your products, benefit your employees, generate sales, or any number of things, make sure you know what to expect in the world of technology for the new year.

Standardization of Remote Work

When the pandemic first started in 2020, companies around the world had to scramble to figure out how to make it so employees could work from home. While there were definitely a lot of challenges, many organizations were able to set up remote work capabilities and continue to get things done with surprising effectiveness.

In 2021, many companies started bringing their employees back to the office, but some decided to allow those who wished to keep working from home or transition into a hybrid schedule. This option was seen by many people to be a big benefit, which is one of the factors that help to spur on the ‘great resignation’ of 2021 where millions of people left their jobs to find work with other companies.

As we enter 2022, companies are working hard to come up with policies that offer a good balance between allowing people to work from home and forcing them to come into the office, while still keeping productivity high. It is likely that in 2022, we will see a lot more standardization with the type of schedules that are offered, and even more importantly, the type of technology that is used to facilitate these new working environments.

Widespread Adoption of 5G Infrastructure

While those in the largest cities have had access to the lightning-fast 5G wireless networks for some time, this technology will be rapidly spreading throughout 2022. Major cell phone companies and others in the industry are investing billions into modernizing and rolling out 5G networks (and even preparing for the eventual release of 6G networks) throughout most locations.

Having access to the amazing speed and massive bandwidth available with 5G will open up many new possibilities for businesses. This may even signal the beginning of the end of traditional data circuits being run to every building. There is no way to fully predict how the widespread adoption of 5G will change the way business is done, but there is no doubt that it will help to spur innovation and create many new opportunities for companies that are ready to take advantage.

Continued Adoption of Blockchain Technology  

2021 was a huge year in the world of cryptocurrency. In many ways, it really grew from a fringe tool used for investing (or should we say, gambling) to almost mainstream technology. While most people are at least somewhat familiar with Bitcoin, there are many other cryptocurrencies out there, many of which are being used to drive a variety of different types of innovation and new services.

In 2022 it is likely that many people will begin using various cryptocurrencies, often without even knowing it. Consider the following things that are already starting to incorporate either cryptocurrency directly, or at least blockchain technology, and will almost certainly continue to do so throughout the new year:

  • Traditional Investments – Traditional investment firms are already starting to add crypto assets to their portfolio options to help further diversify their holdings.
  • Banking – The banking industry is beginning to embrace crypto and blockchain technology so that they can keep up with the latest trends and technologies.
  • Internet of Things – There are a number of crypto projects out there designed to help add features and functionalities to the already popular world of the internet of things.
  • Supply Chain Management – Companies are starting to use the blockchain to better track products and parts throughout the supply chain to help improve efficiently and reliability.
  • Advertising and Marketing – There are a growing number of advertising and marketing options that are tracked and coordinated on the blockchain.
  • Gaming – There are several games slated for release that will make each item or character a unique entry on the blockchain, creating a true virtual economy for the digital universe where the game is played.

True Start of the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution

People have been talking about self-driving cars for quite some time, and thanks in large part to Tesla, they are even showing up on the road in some situations. In 2022, however, it looks like the floodgates are going to be opening on this technology.

Honda has already confirmed that they will be mass-producing self-driving cars. Ford, Mercedes-Benz, GM, and other major auto manufacturers have also said that they are either releasing models with this feature in 2022 or will be doing it soon.

Many people even expect that companies like Uber or Lyft will begin offering driverless services in the not very distant future. It is likely that they will have to go through a lot of regulatory red tape before this becomes a reality, but now that the technology is available and proven, you can be confident that it will be happening.

Surprises in Technology

While it is good to try to predict what types of tech trends will be impacting businesses the most in 2022, it is also important to do what you can to be ready for anything. There are always surprises in the world of technology that have a dramatic impact on the world. Keeping up with the latest tech news and information will help ensure that your business is prepared for whatever may come its way in 2022.

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