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SysAdmin Day 2015 is coming July 31. Standard recognition for administrators usually includes cake, ice cream, maybe a buffet lunch or a round of craft beers after work.

NeweggBusiness is getting in on the fun as well. We are raffling off several goodies:

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Now cake, ice cream, food and beverages are all well and good, but any SysAdmin will tell you the best way to show appreciation is a direct deposit in his or her pocketbook.

So we asked the question, where is the best place for a SysAdmin to work? Then we did a little research.

Using data from hiring sites and recent news articles about earning capacities for SysAdmin jobs, here is a peek at where salary levels and job opportunities are friendliest for administrators.

sysadmin infoG


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Show love for your SysAdmin on NeweggBusiness Facebook and Twitter channels on SysAdmin Day 2015 (Friday, July 31)  using the hashtag #MySysAdmin.

[Infographic] SysAdmin Day 2015: Show Me the Money
Article Name
[Infographic] SysAdmin Day 2015: Show Me the Money
SysAdmin Day 2015: Using data from hiring sites and recent news articles, here is where job opportunities and salary levels are friendliest for SysAdmins.
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