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Who is stoked to buy Windows Server 2016 licensing? Microsoft says that it has listened to the customers while developing the newest iteration of its signature server software.

That means they’re dropping the per-core CAL structure for Server 2016, right?

I hear you.

Last year we dealt with Windows Server 2003 end of life by helping numerous customers migrate onto Windows Server 2012. There’s nothing fun about server migration; buying Windows Server licensing gets downright confusing, and finding sever hardware with appropriate specifications is not much easier. We get it, and we’ll be here to answer any questions again this time around.

I can publish a million Server licensing guides and Server hardware guides, and these might ease the process some. Still, no sane technician is looking forward to navigating a server migration. Or shelling out for new server infrastructure for that matter.

So you might be wondering, is it really time to buy Windows Server 2016?

Perhaps it is. Particularly if either of these scenarios sounds familiar.

You are still on Windows Server 2003

Data confirms that kicking the can down the road is a popular move; there are still plenty of Windows Server 2003 stragglers out there. One Spiceworks report calculates 18 percent of organizations are using out of date server software.

Running expired server software is a huge no-no, especially in finance, healthcare, and retail—industries governed by data security rules that require use of supported server software.

This isn’t news to anyone still on Server 2003. You’ve chosen to update when the time is right, whenever that is. If you choose to remain a Windows environment, Server 2016 will give you the longest shelf life.

You make a living as a Windows Server administrator

In which case, becoming familiar with Windows Server 2016 is a no-brainer from a career standpoint. Will you spin it up at work this October? Probably not on your main domain, but you can certainly get it going in your test environment if you haven’t yet already—whether that’s at your workplace, or in your home lab environment.

There are plenty of new features to try out:

  • A Docker-powered system for container management within Hyper-V
  • Nano Server: a streamlined approach to remote datacenter administration
  • Several new software-defined networking automation features

All in all, plenty of stuff to dig into and start developing expertise. Here’s a nice top-level look from Microsoft.

For a great shortcut on spinning up  a Windows Server 2016 test environment on GitHub, check out Windows Server 2016 rapid lab deployment scripts by Microsoft Field Engineer Jaromir Kaspar.

Final thoughts

If you’re on the cutting edge of Windows Server software—or lagging way behind keeping it up to date—it is time to get acquainted with Windows Server 2016.

We are here to help. Call (888) 482-6678 (select option 4) for questions about Windows Server 2016 licensing.

Is It Already Time to Buy Windows Server 2016?
Article Name
Is It Already Time to Buy Windows Server 2016?
Who is stoked to buy Windows Server 2016? No sane technician looks forward to navigating a server migration; nevertheless, it's time to start planning.
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